Sounds of the Night

3:00 a.m.


In the quiet of the night

A snap of a twig in the trees

The sigh of a sleeping dog

A distant howl of a coyote

Is all that I hear.


I stand next to a sleeping form; a man I know well. Slipping my shoes back on I quietly leave. He remembers a dream of a night of perhaps passion mixed with the excitement of a nightmare. All I leave behind is the dream and the slight scent of my perfume. He’ll wonder where the bruises on his neck came from and why he is so tired in the morning. He’ll joke to himself about Vampires.

Home again to my quiet home to rest and sharpen my fangs and listen for the small sounds of the night.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

8 thoughts on “Sounds of the Night

  1. I was out at 2:00 am this morning under the light of a half-full moon, the trees casting dark shadows, and the chilled air completely still. I was letting water in to irrigate, cleaning debris out of the ditches as the water came in, and cursing the gophers for the multiple fountains in the areas I had not intended to water. I didn’t see a single critter or phantasm, and even La Llorona wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I was lonely working all alone in the we hours of the morning.

  2. I love these words Juliette. For some reason this seems to be a very special post to me. So many secrets, mysterious whispers – silence…
    It’s beautiful in many ways.
    But then there’s one question popping up in my head. You guys sharpen your fangs??

      • Oh. Okay. Thank you for the clarification. Honestly I was sitting there with pictures popping up in my head from vampires with kind of “tooth sharpeners” in their hands, getting ready for a date… *grin* I’m sorry. Sometimes my fantasy runs amok.

  3. In the quiet hours of the morning I lay there sleepless. I reach over and caress her, brushing my hand along the line of her cheek and lie back on my pillow. I feel her fangs pierce my skin and……,!!! Damned cat !!!!! She bit me !!!!! 🙂


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