Vampire Diary: Feeling Alive

Dear Diary,

The man with the leaf blower, the barking dog and the kid with the loud rap music are no longer problems. 🙂


The cat walking over the keyboard is still an issue.

~ Vlad





Dear Diary,

Last night I sat on the bed watching the woman named Tessa sleep.

After I’d taken we’d made love… I’ve been with her three times.

She said, “you make me feel alive.”

I didn’t understand what she meant. I sat for an hour looking at her, trying to figure it all out. I still do not understand. Why do I care?

I can still taste her blood and smell the scent of jasmine in her hair.

~ Vlad





Dear Diary,

I was awakened from my sleep with the sound of my doorbell. The teenage boy who lives next door stood on my doorstep holding my cat.

“She comes over everyday and eats.”

“What does she eat?” Rats maybe? I didn’t know.

“Friskies. It is the only brand our cats eat.”


“The dry stuff?”

I did not understand. “Where do you get this Friskies?”

“The grocery store,” said the boy looking at me oddly.

I took my cat and thanked the boy. I assumed the cat was catching most of her own food. I was wrong. I’m rarely wrong. Modern cats are confusing. Their culture is completely different from cats I’ve had in the past. How did they conspire to make us their slaves?

I asked the cat about this. She said nothing and commenced purring.

~ Vlad






Dear Diary,

I went to the store and purchased Friskies. The cat is happy.

I cannot stop thinking about Tessa. I make her feel alive. I make her feel alive. I make her feel alive. What does she mean? She is alive. She isn’t a Vampire. I do not understand.

~ Vlad




Dear Diary,

Tonight I stood in an orchard out under the stars with my old friend. He held out his arm, then laughed as two, three then four tiny brown bats landed on him and rested their tiny wings.

I’ve known him for almost a millenium and for that long he has freely laughed at everything that crosses his path. He was always one of the most powerful of our kind, yet he never chose to be a Vampire Lord of the Night.

“Look at us,” he said to me. “We look like a couple of young men ready to take on the world, not a couple of old Vampires reminiscing about the last Beethoven concert.”

He keeps telling me that I need to “get with it” and “stay out of the crypt.” He is a thousand years older than I am but when I’m with him I feel ancient.

I went home and fed the cat her vile crunchy food. She purred and thanked me by licking my hand.

I picked up the phone to call Tessa, then I put it down. Then I picked it up. Then I put it down. My chest tightened. My heart started to beat. Once, twice, then a dozen times. I am confused. The phone rang. It was Tessa. I will see her soon. Her blood is A+ and her hair smells of jasmine and I make her feel alive.

The cat is still purring. At least that is something I understand.

~ Vlad






6 thoughts on “Vampire Diary: Feeling Alive

  1. I know I’m being repetitive, but you live in the cat’s house only because you provide for her comfort and food. She owns the dog, and if she caught it eating her friskies there’d be hell to pay !!! 🙂

    • I have a story problem for you. I have two cats and one dog. The cats weigh 7 and 14 pounds each. The dog weighs 45 pounds. I buy ten times as much cat food as dog food… I need to write a post on the subject. I swear I would be as rich as Bill Gates if I started to produce a cat food flavored dog food.

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