Short Story Sunday: The Bat

The Bat – An Austin and Elizabeth Story, Part 15

Elizabeth stopped on the brick walkway of her arts and crafts style home to find a dead bat implied on the heel of her red shoe. She pried the tiny black body off and held the small cold creature in the palm of her hand.

“I am so sorry dear friend,” she whispered. Wrapping the tiny body in a dish towel Elizabeth said a few words wishing the creature peace and buried it in her front flower bed.

Going back inside she changed her dress and shoes. Looking up at a portrait of a man on her living room wall she said, “I should just stay home. I don’t have anything in common with these people.”

Knowing the answer would be what she wanted to hear, she left for her boyfriend Austin’s house.

Boyfriend was an odd term to use. They were adults. They were emotionally and physically involved in a precarious way she couldn’t even begin to understand. The guy was both sensitive and ruthless. He was loving and heartless. He was…he just was. A man who both made her more comfortable and more edgy than she’d ever been.

Elizabeth didn’t bother to knock when she arrived at his home. The front room was alight with candles and full of people mingling with cocktails and wine. Austin was always the best of hosts. Twinkle lights adorned the back porch and yard. She found her man in the kitchen engaged in a lively discussion about the past and future of the city they lived in. He kissed her lightly and made introductions.

Classes at the university were out for the summer. Time for a party. Austin was a history professor so there was a good share of instructors and graduate students. There were others there as well, those who worked on historic restorations (Austin’s other speciality) as well as others. She had no idea she’d be so involved with someone who was so social.

She had no idea she had become involved with a man who was so popular and well likes.

Later, in a rare moment alone in the backyard, he ran a hand down her arm then pulled her into an embrace. “Mmmmm, you feel good, so cool in the heat.”

“Is that the only reason you like me?” She asked as she put her forehead against his.

“One of the benefits of being involved with a Vampire. Summers are hot around here. I’d recommend one of your kind to anyone.”

He kissed her and said, “I love you Elizabeth.” Then he winked at her and left to attend his other guests.

Elizabeth stood alone in the heat of the night not knowing what to feel. His kiss still lingered on her lips, almost hot. She could almost taste his blood.

Back inside she helped him open more wine and put out food. On and off she’d feel the touch of his hand on her shoulder, or on the small of her back, or his hand brushing hers in a quick squeeze.

Later, after the guest had gone, Austin asked her why she arrived so late.

“I stepped on a bat. It was dead so I buried it.”

“What about rabies?”

“I can’t get rabies. I’m already sort of dead.”

“Ahhh Miss Sunshine.”

“It was so small and sad.” Then a cold tear rolled down her cheek. She didn’t even know why. It was just a bat.

Austin took her hand and led her upstairs where he made love to her. Several hours later, as she lay in his arms, listening to his heart beat and the blood surge through his veins, she glanced out of the open window. Several small bats flew in random patterns in the trees outside. Small creatures of the night. She’d always heard that in some places in the world bats were considered good luck. In her world they were the best of luck, especially tonight.

He’d told her that he loved her. It wasn’t the first time. She knew the time would come when she’d have to give him the choice, to be like her or to have her leave.

Until then she’d savor the night and savor the man who slept in a warm cozy slumber beside her.

Vampire maman heart


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~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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