On The Road

I’m on the road this week – a Vampire in a hot strange land with confusing traffic patterns. I discovered great coffee (the best I’ve had in years), a wonderful used record store and a few other hidden gems.

As a Vampire one learns to seek and find entertainments, odd spots, art, natural wonders and interesting people no matter where you go. A wasteland to most can be a place of interest to a Vampire.

Or not.

The Vampire community here is small and somewhat sketchy. Despite that, they are well educated and living out of the gutters and dark sad places that most of the population seems to dwell in. They are college professors and musicians and farmers. They hold on tight to their small community and don’t readily let in new members. By that I mean they don’t make new Vampires here. Their numbers never grow.

I met them out on a farm, in the middle of a vineyard, in a new and luxurious home. Old friends. Old stories. Older memories. Yet, there was an exchange of new stories as well.

Iced blood flowed out of bottles into frosted goblets. We put aside our usual hushed tones and laughed out loud.

My friend Judith and I made our way down to the wine cellar where she showed me her latest vintage from her winery a few miles north of the main house.

“We own this place. We always have. Always will,” she said to me. “I hear you’ve been having issues up North.”

“What have you heard?” I asked.

“Rogue Vampires, problems with Shadow Creepers and Vampire Hunters to start.”

“Add an abundance of new Vampires to that mix,” I added. “The fun never ends.”

We talked and solved the problems of the world. We laughed as old friends do and then went back up to the heat with the others.

Everyplace you go has its shares of worries and woes. Everyplace also has its own traditions and charms. Almost. I guess there is  no place like home… even if you’re a Vampire.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

6 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. I’m always in character of some sort or the other. We’re about 925 miles south of Seattle. Fortunately Seattle isn’t the only place with great coffee – otherwise the already large Vampire population there would explode. Thanks for dropping by. Have fun.

  2. Hey, J !!! I’m guessing that WP finally decided that I’m worthy of receiving your posts so I have you back again. 🙂 Don’t know what happened but for about 3 weeks I got nothing that you posted. It was you ceased to exist… and I even tried re-following you – didn’t work, but out-of-the-blue here you are again. Ah, the wonders of the cyber age! Hope you’re havin’ a great summer! 🙂

    • I’m here! I’m here! I don’t know why you haven’t seen me. I’m not a ghost. I have been having the same issue so I just key in my favorite blogs. Ugh. Glad to see you here. I’m having fun. Hope you are too! xoxox

  3. Enjoy the road, Juliette. And once in a rare while you will meet people who are no people and things that “can’t be” and still are.
    The trick is, not to shy away and to take every moment and turn it into a memory. But I figure you will probably know this better than I do.


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