Report from home on a dog and four cats.

We are still on the road.

Last night I received a call from my husband Teddy.

He said, “I can’t make it down there. I can’t leave the animals alone. Since you’ve been gone they’ve all flipped out. Jasmine (the dog) won’t listen to anything I say. She won’t eat. She’ll eat peanuts if I throw them in the air. But she won’t do anything. And Oscar (a cat) is running all over the house and won’t stop screaming. He keeps looking for you. I can’t get any sleep. He is so flipped out.”

Then I had to ask, “What about Gloria?” Gloria is the calico cat.

“Gloria is fine. She has birds to kill. And I’m watching the cats next door.”

So much for the glorious alpha Vampire I’m married to.

Teddy continued, “I can’t leave them.”

I told him that was ok. I love him for being such an alpha male and I love him for being so sensitive.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


oscar the cat



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  1. Sending thought pictures (aka animal affinity) isn’t the easiest power to master; I STILL can’t do it. Tell your alpha to keep at it for a few more decades. 😉

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