What are you going to be for Halloween 2015?

To countdown to Halloween continues!

Tell your Auntie Juliette what you are going to dress up as on Halloween.

Below is a list of the hottest costumes of 2015. Pick one if you dare.



Everyone who is good will get a nice goblet of spiced blood and a carmel apple.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Hipster Squirrel Beard

Hipster Squirrel Beard

18 thoughts on “What are you going to be for Halloween 2015?

  1. Answers for “other” are not showing up – so here they are. Some fun stuff.
    Nothing 1
    Renaissance Gentleman 1
    Stressed out author who has a deadline fast approaching! Now that’s scary!

  2. I’m going to wear my pjs, forget to wash my hair, and strap a bottle of wine to my hip, playing the role of overworked mom, author, designer, and hourly part-time employee at minimum wage job.
    Oh, wait- Did you ask what we wanted to be for Halloween?

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