Little Hagrid

My husband Teddy and I have been invited to a Harry Potter themed party on October 30th.

First of all I need to say that my children never read the Harry Potter books. We tried. They didn’t like reading the books. I didn’t like reading them.

Call us uncultured morons but we liked the movies a lot so we know who the movie characters are.

It was the language that bothered my kids. It was too British. It was too fussy. My kids are fans of American authors. I loved British authors when I was young but I’m not my kids. And yes, I know your kids LOVED the books as if they were all the books of the Holy Bible, but that wasn’t our experience. Right now my daughter is loving Nathaniel Hawthorne and John Green. But seriously, you don’t need to leave a comment that you love the Harry Potter Books. I also can’t stand Little Women.

So back to the party. Teddy claims he hates dressing up to parties. However, when he does dress up he steals the show and becomes the life of the party.

When I was 7 months into an 8 month pregnancy I went to a Gilligan’s Island party as a pregnant Mary Ann. I also once went to a party as a princess dressed up like a New England Fisherman. I’ve been space aliens with a costume made of kitchen utensils, and I’ve gone to most parties as a dead girl. Last Halloween I was a Vampire (ha ha ha no kidding.)

But Harry Potter? Really? Mind you this is an adult party too. Naked Harry Potter?

Teddy didn’t have any ideas. I told him to wear a suit (because he is smoking hot  sexy in a suit) and go as the Minister of Magic. He shrugged.

I was digging through a drawer looking for my Nook charger (people around here steal it for other devices) and found a brown dreadlocks wig Teddy had worn as part of a hippy costume. He also wore it for his snowboarder costume (complete with a “will work for pot” sign.)


ZING. I have an idea.

ZING. I have an idea.


Then the light bulb went off in my head. I’d get a beard, wear the wig and go as Little Hagrid. I showed Clara (age 16) and she laughed and laughed and laughed. I showed Teddy and he said, “no.” I might have well be standing in front of Grumpy Cat.




Clara and I laughed about Little Hagrid for the next two days. Teddy still said, “NO”.

It is my fault for marrying someone who is always serious. Oh right, we’re Vampires, we’re supposed to be serious and grown up all the time. Screw that.


So I put the wig back on and said I’d be Hermonie. I picked up a pencil and shouted, “MAGICUS DOGUMOUS.” The child laughed so hard she fell off the couch. No laughs from the man.

Then the husband tells me this is a classy and serious party. What would people think of us? Excuse me? It is a Harry Potter Party. I told him I’d find a blonde wig and be the bitch in the pink suit. I don’t remember her name. She had a lot of cats so I’ll carry a creepy stuffed cat with me.

Teddy said, “we’ll see.”

Yes, we will see. In the meantime I’m going to be Little Hagrid on October 31, despite the fact that we’ve been invited to a Zombie themed party.

Clara and I will be laughing about Little Hagrid for a good long time – because that is what we do.

We also push Teddy to his limits so it was time to put up the wig and be serious…or pretend to be serious.

And you know, the sexy costume is far over rated. I can always be a sexy Vampire. I AM a sexy Vampire.  But I can’t always be Little Hagrid.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

I've got the moves like Hagrid

I’ve got the moves like Hagrid


21 thoughts on “Little Hagrid

  1. Since I never read the books or saw the movies, I haven’t a clue about Hagrid! But I got a smile out you being a vampire last Halloween. My wife and daughter really liked the Harry Potter books, but they just didn’t interest me. I would probably like them if I wanted to bother with them, but I have no interest in bothering with them. I love seeing people dressed up for Halloween, costume parties and things like comic con, but I have never liked putting on costumes myself. There was lots of space between houses when I grew up, so we never really went trick or treating, unless we wanted to walk 10 miles to make the rounds to a handful of houses where no one was expecting trick or treaters; therefore, no reason to come up with costumes for Halloween and later on any other reason.

    • I love costume parties too. I know your wife read the Harry Potter series (I swear she is the most interesting woman in the world.)

      I can just imagine a group of little ghosts walking down a lonely road. I think at least 80 kids came by my house last Halloween.

  2. Little Hagrid, Grumpy Cat, LOL! My daughter never got into the Harry Potter books either. She read the first one and about half the second one, and said she’d just rather see the movies. Ahh well! You just go and have fun and never mind grumpy Teddy. He can be as serious as he wants as the Ministry of Magic.

  3. I never read the books, watched the movies, or became familiar with any of the HP characters. Little Hagrid looks like a castoff from Duck Dynasty, but I’ll bet even he could be made to look Halloween sexy…

    • HA HA HA. I always thought the Duck Dynasty guys were going for a cross between Hagrid and Billy Gibbons. The photo here is of BIG Hagrid. He is about 7 feet tall. He is a giant. I’m just 5’4″ (and a girl) so I’d be Little Hagrid. I hate theme costume parties. I just want to go as something weird and kind of creepy without a name.

  4. Wait…..there is such a thing as a SERIOUS fancy dress party? Can such a thing exist?

    Vampires I can believe in, but a fancy dress party that is supposed to be serious? Nope! Doesn’t exist.

  5. Delores Umbridge, Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher.

    But you should go as LIttle Hagid. Seriously. I laughed out loud. Teddy is just so grumpy sometimes. He can go as Voldemort.

  6. Love the Harry Potter films and a ‘little Hagrid’ is going to be terribly funny. Teddy wants to be serious, so he should go cross-dressed as Moaning Myrtle. The one who flies about the bathrooms and knows the location of the Chamber of Secrets. I do believe that is the location with the huge snake. Now, I think that would be hysterical. 😀

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