Artistic Roller Sports – Beauty, Grace and Champions

School, homework, skate, homework, sleep, repeat.

The skate part is the break in the madness that is high school. Thank goodness the child has good friends who are going through the same thing.

All teens need an activity or something that they own. It doesn’t matter what it is. But they need that passion that isn’t school.

It is even more so this year because the load is so high. It is also high her list because this summer she and her partner became national champions.

Yes, I’m giving you a rare look at my world outside of Vampire Maman. Yes, I’m going to step out of character for just this one post.

You already know about the skating – I have mentioned it in previous posts. I’m talking about ARTISTIC ROLLER SKATING. Not speed. Not derby.

This isn’t Roller Boogie or disco crap. Hell no. Forget everything you think you know about Roller Skating – especially anything negative.

Artistic Roller Skating is a serious sport – especially outside of the United States. Outside of the USA Artistic Roller Skaters get sponsors and respect. And they deserve it. Last night we watched the Jr. World Class skaters online at the World Championships in Cali, Columbia. Wow. These teens were amazing. Team USA did a fantastic job too. Go USA.

Tonight we’ll watch the Sr. World Class Skaters. Yes, this should be an Olympic sport. The European and South American skaters knock the socks off of any ice skaters – and they do it all on EIGHT WHEELS (yes, four on each foot.)

So, dear readers, let me indulge my motherly pride a bit and share a few photos from the 2015 USA National Artistic Roller Sports Championships, in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past July.


Getting ready


Team Dance


Not bad for a couple of sixteen year olds.







Christopher Butler, Coach Linda Pricer (Sunrise Rollerland, Citrus Heights, CA), Coach Melody Neill (Roller King, Roseville, CA), Charlotte Kings. First Place Fresh/Soph Team Dance, 2015 USA National Championships.





Soph A Figures event


I have to give special thanks to: Linda Pricer and Melody Neill for being the best coaching team ever. To Paul for having such a great son. To Becky and Adelia for being there with us. For everyone at Sunrise and Roseville for your support. To Jayme for the great photos. To Joyce and Tim for watching all of the events and helping me cheer. To Tim Price for giving me a break while at Nationals and supporting my blog. To USARS for putting on such a great meet. And to the folks at Harlick for making the best skating boots in the universe. Finally nobody is complaining about their feet. To Aunt Geri and Uncle Bill, Dave Stone, The Reed Family, Karen and Jason and all of our friends and family who showed so much support. To especially Steve because you’re the best and we love you.

For more about all Roller Sports CLICK here for the official USARS page.

To watch the Artistic World Championships in Cali, Columbia click HERE for the video feed and schedule. It will be worth your time to check it out.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman (who will get back to the usual Vampire, musings, life lessons, and other odds and ends tomorrow.)

Story Telling and Retelling Your Story

Today is the first day of the rest of the week. Officially it was Sunday but that doesn’t count because everyone is home on Sunday.

So what does this have to do with Vampiring and Parenting? Absolutely nothing, except it is a school day, and we’re still Vampires (at least I am.)

I’ve taken some time out to write and finish up a book. Of course my brain suddenly filled with rust and sand. I have about 10 -20 pages to do some final touches on and I’m done.

This book has nothing to do with Vampires or this blog. There is no fantasy or paranormal creatures in it. No Werewolves lurk in the pages under a full moon.

It starts like this:


All of us Hobbs kids were exceptional liars,  except my brother Jordan who was a liar by default by his refusal to tell either lies or the truth. There were seven of us. Jordan was the youngest and had no discernible personality or identifying character traits except for his unusual refusal to talk, unless it was to speak about his love of the Lord and his belief that our brother Steve, now deceased, would soon come back as an avenging angel.


The book goes on for another 300-400 pages. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

I hear rumors of cooler weather, which means something under 90F. I’m not holding my breath. Really, I’m not holding my breath.

In the book there are parts where the characters think back to the past. Not much, but they do from time to time. OK only the main character does because it is written in first person.

I mention that because today, while I was doing busy work and driving I was thinking about things that happened a long time ago. All of the dusty drawers in my brain were being pried open by some unknown force.

What was odd was that I suddenly saw people not from my younger inexperienced self but as I am now. How odd to look back with a rational view of things without the drama or emotion. When one looks at experiences without emotional attachment is like seeing a whole different movie. It really is.

Now you’re wondering what my story is but that is another blog post. Just read the other story and let me know if you’d read that book.

In the meantime I have to get creative.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Short Story Sunday: Rare Peace

“Shhhhhh. Don’t wake him up.”

Andrew opened his eyes. Two small faces blocked his view of the rest of the world.

“Hi,” said the girl.

“I’m free. My sista is five,” said the boy, then he held up his hand, showing five fingers on one, and three on the other. “I’m her baby bruber but, but, but, I’m not a baby anymo.”

Andrew tried to speak but pain and the inability to make a sound stopped him.

“Your neck was stabbed,” the girl told him. “Daddy said he would try to save your voice.”

“Daddy said you a singer. He said you a special pire,” said the small boy.

“Vampire,” his sister corrected.

Touching is neck Andrew felt a bandage. He closed his eyes and put his head back on the pillow. Where am I, he thought. Not that it mattered. He was in too much pain to care if anything mattered.

He tried to remember the night before. Was it the night before? The week before?

“Now get along children, don’t bother the man. Go on.” The children giggled and ran out of the room.

Andrew opened his eyes again. A huge bear of a man stood in the doorway. He held up what looked like a chestnut colored tail about a foot long. “I believe this belongs to you.”

Reaching to the back of his neck Andrew felt his hair. It had been hacked off right at his collar line. He hadn’t had it that short in forty years.

“You’re no Sampson but they tried to take what was important to you. First your voice, then your looks. They would have done more damage had they had more time. It looks like they were either trying to cut your vocal cords or cut your head off. By the way, you were naked as a jaybird when we found you. My wife has gone out to find you some clothes.” He chuckled and said, “You obviously can’t wear my clothes.”

No, he couldn’t. Andrew was a muscular but slim 6’2″. This man was at least four inches taller and seventy-five pounds heavier.

Memories started to come back to Andrew. He’d been wearing his favorite Armani tux. Damn, they’d taken it, whoever they were.

That night he’d sung with the Pacific Rim Chamber Orchestra. The theme was American Romantic. After drinks with friends he’d gone home with one of the violinists. Ramona St. Marie. She had blonde hair, skin like silk and type A+ blood. Ramona was perfection all wrapped up in satin sheets. She’d been a friend of his for years – always fun but never expected anything from him. Next he’d called a cab…then…then…nothing.

Since the 1870’s Andy had found himself naked in a lot of strange beds but it was usually good. He thought of last night. At 163 he was still young for a Vampire. He had a lot of good nights left in him.

Trying to speak again Andy found his voice had completely frozen up. He tried to sit up on the bed. Benjamin held out a large hand and helped Andy, who pulled the blanket around his waist. The two children, Wren and River came running back into the room and crawled up on the bed with Andy and started to giggle and bounce around.

“Children, sit still. Wren, precious, go get our guest one of those pads of paper from my office and a pen or pencil so he can write down what he has to say.”

As Wren ran out of the room in search for office supplies, another man entered the room. He was as average height but extremely thin and pale. His hair was in an auburn man-bun in back of his head. Hornrim glasses sat on his nose in front of two pale blue eyes.

“Ruben, I didn’t think you’d make it. Andy this is Ruben. Ruben this is Andy.”

The contrast between Ben’s large dark brown form and pale skinny Ruben was almost startling.

“Ruben here is a hair dresser by trade. He is also the best colorist in a hundred mile radius,” said Benjamin.

Ruben fluffed up Andy’s ruined hair with his hands. “Looks like there is enough to work with. I’ll fix you up and still leave you looking cool and sexy.”

Wren ran in with a pad of paper and a yellow pencil.

“Wren honey, yellow is lovely but we need something darker for Andy to write with. Could you bring back a darker colored pencil or pen?”

Wren ran back out of the room. River started to jump on the bed again. “Stop it River, or I’ll send you to your room,” said Benjamin. River stopped and sat next to Andy, leaning his small form into the Vampire.

Ruben put a towel over Andy’s shoulders and pulled out a stray bottle of water and scissors. Andy closed his eyes and put his trust in Ruben.

“Open your eyes beautiful,” said Ruben when he was done. “You’ve got a lot of wave in your hair.”

Andy looked into the mirror on the wall and saw soft waves surrounding his face. His hair looked good. He looked down and saw Wren who stood holding out a pad of paper and a purple crayon.

Taking the paper and crayon from Wren, Andy wrote one word. Why?

“You beautiful boy,” said Ruben, “haven’t you heard the debates? Haven’t you read the news? They came for our people already. They’ll be coming for your people soon, and when they do there will be no survivors.”

Andy wrote on the paper, “I’ve been dealing with Vampire hunters for a hundred years. My family has been dealing with them for centuries.”

Benjamin spoke this time, “This time it will be different. They’ll get the government involved. They’ll out you big time. Then you’ll be dead, or end up like the Zombies in a relocation camp.”

“Zombies are already dead,” wrote Andy with the purple crayon.

“So are you according to the government and the Vampire Hunters,” said Benjamin.

Wren took Andy’s hand again. “You’ll stay and be our friend?”

Andy smiled, minus his fangs, and gently squeezed Wren’s hand.

He looked out the window and noticed that it wasn’t morning but evening. The sun was starting to go down. A riot of pink and yellow could be seen in the sky through the trees. The pain in his neck started to go away but his voice was still raw.

He wrote a bit then held up the paper, “Vampire Hunters are a pain in the neck. HA HA HA.”

Then he wrote, “Thank you. Owe you big time. If there is anything, and I mean ANYTHING I can do, let me know.”

Benjamin and Ruben gave each other a look then looked at Andy.

“Stay true brother,” said Benjamin, “stay true.”

“Stay true,” said Ruben.

Ramona finally came home with clothes for Andy. The jeans and tee shirt fit. The flip flops were comfortable.

“You have to go commando. I wasn’t comfortable buying underwear for a man I don’t know,” said Ramona. “Your hair looks good. I don’t trust anyone with my head except Ruben.”

They talked into the night, and in the morning Andy called his sister to come get him.

It was a rare peace he found in this house in the woods with people who under stood what it was like to hide who and what you really are. Oh wouldn’t it be grand to live in a world where nobody had to hide. Andy know that would never happen for him. But at least there were a few places where it was safe and sane, where love was unconditional and true.

“So what did you do with the Vampire Hunters?” Andy had to ask in a horse whisper.

Benjamin, Ramona and Ruben all smiled.

“They’ve been take care of,” said Ruben.

Andy didn’t ask for any additional information. He’d heard answers like that before.


~ End


Yes, there will be more adventures with Andy’s new friends… just not today.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman







Food for Thought

This morning, between cups of coffee, I made a cake. I made a cake from scratch.

I won’t eat any of the cake. I don’t eat cake. It makes me sick. But it is beautiful. People love my cakes.

Why? Because I’m going to a picnic. It is one of those group events where everyone brings foods, the old guys grill, hula hoops spin and all is well.

So I go and try to feel like a normal person, but I’m not a normal person. I’m a Vampire. You know how it is.

When it comes to our teens food is sometimes a touchy subject. How old should your kid be before they go from biting wrists to biting necks? I’d like to believe they’ll wait until college, but unfortunately the temptation is always there. But don’t forget that it comes naturally and they’ll know what to do. And please, don’t compare it to sex. But is can be sexual, but not always so please, don’t panic. Don’t put on your Victorian Vampire Prude hat. At the same time don’t encourage your teen to over indulge. As with all things they must learn to use caution.

And cake? Use caution as well. It can really screw up a Vampire system. Too much sugar mixed with not a lot of blood will jack up a Vampire unlike almost anything. And people say garlic is bad. Screw that. I love garlic. It is sugar that will mess up a Vampire.

So please, do not let us eat cake.

Yes, you learn something new every day.

This morning… I’m writing for a few hours before we have to take the cake to the picnic. I look out the window and see my bird feeder covered with what look to be finches of all colors. The large squirrel is braking and flapping his tail. The cats are watching. I have my third cup of coffee.

Yesterday I had coffee with a dear friend of mine (we’ve been friends for over 100 years.) She wore no make-up but was still stunning. She is also always stylish in ways I have always admired (and failed to reach.) But the reason I mention this is because she told me a story about a ghost.

My friend is in real estate. She comes across house with stories. More than that, she sells houses with ghosts. We talked for a good hour about the homes with ghosts and the thought stuck with me for a good long time. I’m still thinking about it.

It is her story to tell, so maybe I’ll try to get her to write it down so I can post it here.

But I’m thinking about the ghost and food and roller skating. Yes, roller skating. In an hour we’ll watch the live feed of the World Championships in Columbia (yes, Columbia this year.) It is run by the Italians so it will run well. The Italians are the best when it comes to roller sports.

And tonight we’ll be at a party with friends we met through skating. It will be a wonderful event (for a birthday) so I’m sure there will be more cake I will not eat. But there will be plenty of necks and wrists. The home is large and lovely with plenty of quiet spaces for private conversations – if you get my drift.

Yes, I’m just rambling this morning and thinking out loud.

I have to get down to some serious writing now.

Have a good weekend everyone. Talk to your kids. Hug them. Tell them you love them. Teach them to be safe. And let them fly.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Adventure in a Cup

Adventure in a Cup

Flying High

Sometimes Vampires travel. Sometimes we have to fly. Sometimes we’re asked to take other Vampires to the airport to fly.

That was me yesterday.

Tellias and Eleora the ancient Vampires in my life took a trip to Washington DC to visit friends. They’d thought about driving but half the time they can’t even find their own way home from the mail box at the end of their driveway.

I arrived at their home to find them ready to go. I was glad I’d arrived early. Eleora was dressed in a robe with a belt around the waist and rubber boots.

“Were you going to let her go out in THAT?” I asked Tellias, feeling my blood pressure rise (OK, if I had blood pressure.)

He shrugged his shoulders. “I knew you’d take care of her wardrobe issues.”

Luckily Tellias had the sense enough to wear black trousers and a black button down dress shirt with a black printed tie. He’d put his white blonde hair up in a man-bun. At over 2,000 years he looks about 19-years-old.

As always I had to find something for Eleora to wear. After about ten minutes of digging through her closet I found a blue sheath dress and a light white sweater with lace trim. Like Tellias she wore flip flops. Eleora never wears pants of any kind. I pulled her long chestnut colored curls back into a thick braid set off with a white ribbon. Like Tellias, Eleora is well over 2,000 years old but could pass for twenty-one if she wanted to.

Together we went over the checklist of items they needed: Boarding passes, IDs, fully charged phones, emergency numbers, etc.

“Do you need snacks?”

The looked at me with blank stares.

“You can’t drink blood on the plane,” I reminded them.

“Don’t be daft,” said Tellias.

“Daft. That is a silly word to use. Daft,” said Eleora. Then she started to giggle until she had to sit down.

“You can have snacks. I put a paper bag in your carry-on with snacks. You can’t take blood from anyone on the plane. Do you understand why?”

“No,” said Tellias.

“No,” echoed Eleora.

“It is a long flight Juliette,” said Tellias.

“A long flight,” said Eleora.

We were going to be late. “You’ve gone a month without any blood and done fine,” I told them as I started to haul their bags to the car.

“We were younger,” said Tellias.

“Younger,” said Eleora.

“Much younger,” said Tellias.

“Much,” said Eleora.

“I packed snacks. Please, wait until you get to Washington,” I told them.

Once on the road I found myself driving through Hell. The never ending construction had never ended. What part of sanity and good engineering went out the window then this road project was planned? Middle School students would have done better.

The road signs were down so I missed the exit to the airport. Then I turned around and missed the exit from the other direction. I used a lot of bad language (and I don’t mean grammar.)

Eleora said, “you ought to write a letter to Caltrans about it.” I wanted to yell at her but I held back. Her answer for everything is to write a letter to unknown and uncaring bureaucrats.

FINALLY we got to the airport 20 minutes later than I’d planned, only to find all of the parking garages had been closed for some unknown reason. At this point I was about to scream because I’d planned on seeing my ancient loved ones through to security. No such luck.

I suddenly thought of their seating. Eleora would be by a window. Tellias would be in the middle. Some poor soul would end up sitting next to them. Tellias can be either extremely charming or extremely unnerving. I mean, I’m not kidding, he can be creepy when he gets annoyed.

“Be polite and don’t be creepy to anyone. Please promise me that,” I said as I helped Tellias unload the bags. “You’ll have a great time.” I kissed their cool cheeks and gave them hugs. They sang me a fifteen second song and gave me a big group hug. We said I love you to each other, then I watched them go into the terminal.

They looked like two lovely young people in love, excited to travel and see the world. What could go wrong?

On the way home I avoided traffic and stopped downtown to visit my husband Teddy at his business. After a much needed hug and a kiss I headed back home.

Later in the day I was listening to the radio and heard that a plane flying to Washington DC had to make an emergency landing. Two of the flight attendants had passed out for unknown reasons.

I took a deep breath. So much for packing snacks.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


What are you going to be for Halloween 2015?

To countdown to Halloween continues!

Tell your Auntie Juliette what you are going to dress up as on Halloween.

Below is a list of the hottest costumes of 2015. Pick one if you dare.



Everyone who is good will get a nice goblet of spiced blood and a carmel apple.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Hipster Squirrel Beard

Hipster Squirrel Beard