Musings on being alone – and not alone.

Unfortunately, when you’re a Vampire, you never really get to be alone.

A retreat to an isolated cabin in the woods for a month is out of the question. Sure, I guess one could go for weeks on end without fresh blood, but oh you’d be uncomfortable.

The hermit life is out for us. Yet, we crave our solitude and time for our own thoughts.

I stood on my deck under the night under the oak trees. No small creatures scrambled in the grass or ran along the fence. I could only hear the occasional hello of an owl, or a distant yip of a coyote, or the bark of a dog, and distant traffic.

The smell of dog crap comes through the air. The pup has the runs.

Then she goes to the door for the very first time and asks to go out.

As always she runs to the neighbor’s house and lies on their lawn. That is when the game of chase the puppy comes in. They have the only pit bull in the neighborhood, a vicious dog of mixed put bull and something from Hell, that would tear her throat out. So she tries her best to get inside of their house or yard. Usually. Tonight I threw my hands up and was ready to go inside and tell my husband to get his ass outside to catch the damn dog. Then something miraculous happened. She followed me. The pup followed me into the house. We have come to an understanding. If a girl is going to have a big girl bark, then she has to act like a big girl.

As always I’m thinking about my kids. No prom this year for Clara. There was a prom at school but my child did not go. Some of her friends went last-minute. Some did other things. She was one who did other things. But that is fine. It is ok.

Then I get a text.

text from my kid

That would be Garrett who is in college, which is a six hour drive from my house. Six hours in Mom Time feels like forever. It is way too far away.

I drove down to see him for his April 1st birthday. He turned twenty. No fooling. That is enough to make even a Vampire like me feel old.

He has called almost every day since telling me what a good time he had when I was there. I went alone this time. My husband Teddy (Garrett’s dad) was up the previous week. We both stayed at Uncle Rico’s house on a hill overlooking the ocean, and equipped nicely for Vampires like us. Uncle Rico is sort of the Vampire Sage of the Central Coast.

I smile when I think of Garrett’s roomie and best friend Randy giving me a big bear hug and swinging me around. I remember holding Garrett and Randy in my arms as tiny babies together. They were so small and cold and sweet.

Garrett lives in a four bedroom house with four other kids. There are three boys and two girl. Four Vampires and one Werewolf.

I finally met Bailey the Werewolf girl. She was shy at first and had a quiet way about her. There aren’t many Werewolves around, especially at her school, so the Vampires have been helping her out. Fortunately they did hook her up with a few of her kind so full moon nights aren’t so lonely anymore.

I walked on the beach with my son and his friends. I even met a few professors, and other students. I even had a professor for dinner, but that is another story and another post. But I have to say, dining on someone who is really smart, and funny, is such a treat. You kind of get those vibes going…you know how it is. But that is another blog post.

The drive home seemed long, but I had my music and my favorite audio book (Dirty Blonde.) There will be more trips, more texts, many phone calls, and lots of care packages sent by me to him. Sometimes he even sends us care packages up here with shells and his artwork, and other bits of college life.

The car time was treasured time alone, but it would have been nice to have had company. It would have been nice to have had one of my kids, or a friend, or my husband along. There are very few absolutes in my life, and that day was definitely not a day for absolutes.

Anyway, I’m just thinking about things, and being a mom, and a Vampire, and about a thousand other things.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




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