Burning Question #41: Let it snow! (Maybe not)

As I write this post, just a few weeks before Christmas, I am looking out onto my backyard filled with orange and lemon trees. Roses and succulent plants are blooming in my front yard. It still feels like Christmas time with lights all a glow and the steady parade of mail, Fed-X, UPS, and Amazon trucks. We’re even wearing sweat shirts and sweaters.

Snow is something we (people who live where I do) drive to see. It is only about an hour to get to the first patches and then thick blankets of higher up the Sierra Mountains towards Lake Tahoe. From where I live we await the first look at snow covered mountains in the distance.

I’ve never had a White Christmas in all of my 159 Vampire years.


tree and snow

Some of you reading this have your good Christmas snow memories. Feel free to share your stories or comments after doing the poll.

Burning Question #41: Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Feel free to leave additional comments about snow, holiday songs, cover songs, Vampires, or anything else you care to talk about.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. I’m biased, since I work as a driver and snow turns my job into hell on wheels. Keep the white stuff away from me!

  2. Round these here parts “snow season”, if we get any at all, is generally early in the year.
    I would LOVE loads of snow if I didn’t have to drive to work. It scares the bejeebers out of me 😦

  3. I’ve heard Dickens is to blame for the white Christmas mythos. Apparently Victorian era England was in the throes of a mini Ice Age and had more frequent winter snows than usual because of it… thus why Dickens’ Christmas scenes always contained snow, and Dickens was largely responsible for our modern idea of the holiday season.

    Possibly apocryphal history lesson over.

    I could care less one way or the other. Snow doesn’t bother me (Although I’ve learned my new car isn’t the beast in the snow my beloved old car was), but I don’t get into the spirit anyway. I’m the Scrooge house on my street that is only illuminated by my neighbors’ lights and proud of it! Maybe I’ll put up some mermaid decorations…

  4. I have absolutely NO good memories that involve that frozen white phenomenon, J ! For me it’s just another 4-letter word!!! Happy Holidays, vampire 🎄💞🎄

    1. I don’t like driving in the snow. Sometimes it is fun, those times when the snowflakes are soft and pretty and the size of a dinner plate, but that is rare. The rest of the time is it awful. Then again, I live in a place where it never snows.

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