Vlad’s Vampire Diary: Angel of the Morning

Vlad’s Vampire Diary: Angel of the Morning

Dear Diary,

I find myself in a peculiar situation. I believe peculiar is the word that I should use. 

Everything in my life is peculiar. It has not always been that way. On the other hand my cats, they are not so peculiar. They are one thing I understand in a world in which I do not understand much, or so it seems. 

I had been driving home from my friend Randolpho’s house early this morning when I witnessed a horrible accident involving trucks and automobiles. My cats were in the car with me, because they enjoy going to Randolpho’s house with me. He gives them treats and rubs their small faces making them purr. 

I stopped my car at the side of the road just behind the accident and got out. I was able to help those who needed it, then I drove home. After a night of binge watching Clickbait with Randolpho I was tired and needed rest. I also needed food. Believe me, I was tempted to taste some of the blood I saw at the accident site but I did not. 

At home I drank a large goblet of blood, then took a shower. As I was drying off I heard THIS on the radio.

An unidentified man saved the lives of at least four people in a near fatal multi car accident just before dawn this morning on Hwy 50, near the Stockton Blvd. exit. 

A tire came off of a Dodge Ram pickup truck which slammed into a big rig carrying a load of tomatoes, which turned over and crashed into four cars in the westbound lanes. Witnesses say a man driving a black Tesla Model 3 pulled over and began to pull people from danger. 

He pulled the mangled door off of one of the cars and pulled two passengers to safety. The man literally tore the door off of the hinges. One of the women inside of the of the car had broken her arm. Her rescuer held her arm and the pain stopped. He then gently set it in place, then told her how to hold it until help arrived. Witnesses say he had two cats with him, who were also trying to comfort the injured. 

The good Samaritan also helped the big rig driver out of his truck and stopped the bleeding on his scalp, and then pushed apart two other cars then helped the drivers out to safety. 

In any other situation the jaws of life and blow torches and other heavy equipment would have been required to free these passengers. Paramedics said that at least two of the passengers would have died if not for the quick and miraculous actions of the mysterious stranger.

“Who has that kind of strength?” said one witness. “No human should be able to lift cars and rip metal like that.”

“He was our angel,” said one of the drivers. Several other witnesses said he took charge of the situation as if he’d been involved in the military or police. It was also said that he had a calming effect on everyone involved, especially the injured.

This Angel of the Morning, as witnesses are calling him, did not give his name or any contact information. After the fire department, highway patrol, and paramedics arrived he drove away without a word. 

A few took videos and still photos with their cameras but the images of the man either did not show his face or the images were too fuzzy to identify him.

The man is described as medium height, muscular build, with golden blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a black button down shirt, jeans, and black flip flop sandals. He is described by witnesses as extremely handsome, exceptionally cute, and even beautiful. He had two housecats with him who also left with him. He is also said to have had a slight accent. English might be his second language. If you have any information call this station or the California Highway Patrol. 

All I could remember was that I had not eaten that night. The smell of blood was strong yet I could no nothing to help myself. When I was done I left to go home and get some food. There was no time to get fresh blood but I knew I had at a few gallons at home. 

Then Randolpho called me on the phone. “Angel of the Morning,” he said. Then he started to laugh and laugh and laugh. 

“It was not funny Randolpho,” I told him.

I told him what had happened. 

“Are the cats alright?” Randolpho asked me.

“Yes, the cats are well. Thank you for asking. They helped me as only good cats can help, which is not usually much, but you would be surprised,” I told him.

All day and all night everyone is speaking of and looking for the identity of The Angle of the Morning.

What I do not understand is that I was called cute. My cats are cute. The former King of Vampires is not cute. I do not understand. Ripping metal doors off of cars and stopping blood from flowing without drinking one drop of it is not cute. In fact, I did not even get one drop of blood on my shirt or pants. Not one. 

I looked up the song on the Internet. I looked up the lyrics. It is about what they call, what is it, I think it is about a one night stand. That is where you have sex with someone and do not expect to see them again, which if you are a Vampire is not that unusual and you do not sing about it, but if you are a hot blooded mortal person you make it into what is called an anthem. 

I stopped at an accident. Then I left. So now I am like a one night stand? I did not have sex with any of those people. 

Also, for those who have not met an Angel, as I have, do not know that Angels are not pleasant or helpful creatures. The most arrogant, self-centered, and vindictive beings I have ever met are Angels. Do not let the golden hair, halos and wings fool you. They are not ones that should be welcomed into your home. They either come with what they say is a reason to fight because they are always angry, or they come to tell women they are pregnant. It is never good either way.

I parked my black Tesla in my garage where it will stay for the next few weeks. Most Vampires have at least one electric car because electric cars are quiet. I have two other cars so I will drive with gasoline until the search for me is no longer important.

I have always been a leader, until now. I once was King of Vampires until I was captured and locked in a crypt for three hundred years, only to get out in the year 2014. The world had changed. Before I rode a horse. I led armies. I ruled a nation. I did not have cats. Now I will always have cats.

Tonight I stay home. I like the thought of finding a woman and being her Angel of the Morning but I decide to stay home. I do not even have the energy to go find fresh blood tonight. I wish to stay home and keep my pretty face out of the reflections and out of the eyes of others.

I think of the many many women I have known. I think of the women I have loved. Modern tales speak of Vampires as heartless creatures who have no souls. We are romantics in the very worst way. That is unfortunate. It would be much more easy to be as cold as our unbeating hearts, but we love with our souls, as do cats.

~ Vlad

Kissed by a Vampire

This has been the 68th installment of Vlad’s Vampire Diary. To read Vlad’s adventures and thoughts from the beginning click here.


  1. Look at that… suddenly Vlad turns into an Angel – and drives a Tesla… tsk-tsk… angel? Well, maybe the looks. I bet my butt he’s still dangerous… but a Tesla? I thought dear Vlad had a better taste. *grin*

    1. Vlad, like many Vampires, drives an electric car because electric cars are quiet. Very very quiet, which is important for vampires. But he is no angel – the people he rescued just called him that because they didn’t know he could have drained all of their blood given the opportunity. But you know he has his soft spot trying to navigate and live in the modern world. And he has his cats to think about. Vlad loves his cats.

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