Anna’s Hummingbird Christmas

The tiny Anna’s Hummingbirds live in my yard year around. No matter if the temperature is in the triple digits or close to freezing they are here.

When I can’t see them at the feeders, at my flowers and succulents, or in the trees, I can hear their tiny voices.

In the past few months not one, but two, have flown into my house. I gently caught them in my bare hands and put them back outside.

When I’m outside they fly around my head, sometimes hovering in front of my face before they race off to the trees or feeders. During the summer, when so many have nests, they fuss at each other and race around with such wildness that it always surprises me.

I recognize the birds that keep coming back, and notice which ones are new.

A few weeks ago I decorated the bare crape myrtle trees in my front yard. Within minutes the little Anna’s hummers were out buzzing around the red and gold ornaments. What no food? Nothing to eat on these flowers?

I had to fix that problem. Despite the fact that there are two feeders and plenty of flowers out back, I put up a third humming bird feeder in the decorated trees.

Merry Christmas my precious hummingbird friends!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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