Tangled Tales: The Art of Caring

Constantine Jones looked approvingly in the mirror. Not a lock of brown hair out of place. Just a few laugh lines around his big brown eyes, but no others on his handsome face. Perfect fitting jeans, a white Oxford shirt, and a black leather vest. On his feet were loafers he had custom made in England. When one was known to be the best dressed Vampire in town, one had to live up to the fact, even on casual outings.

His girlfriend Diana showed up with her service dog Tess, just as Constantine finished loading his backpack. 

Perfect Connie, he said to himself as he secured the contents.

As Diana came through the door, he took her in his arms and kissed her. Then he scratched Tess behind her ears and let the giant black and tan German Shepard dog give him a big sloppy dog kiss. 

Of course, he had to approve of what she was wearing. The red flowered skirt with a white teen, and a denim jacket were wonderfully matched with short laced up “granny” boots. Diana’s hair was wavy today, just falling to her shoulders, clipped back off her face with sleek gold barrettes.

“What’s in the pack?” Diana asked.

Constantine opened the pack.

“Whoa, wait, you can’t bring that into the museum,” Diana said.

“Why not?”

“They’ll kick you out.”

“It isn’t as if I’m going to steal anything or deface anything. I’m not bringing in musical instruments, or a pack full of hot pies, Sharpie markers, or a load of melting fudgesicles.” 

“I know, but…”

“I’m a huge donor to the museum. They can’t afford to lose me. Besides, nobody will care.”

“You’re nuts.”

“Maybe so, but darlin I’ve been doing this sort of thing for centuries. Plus Karma is on my side. I’ve returned more stolen artworks than I can count and found countless lost works over the years. I’ve found not one but two Vermeer’s. Yes Johannes aka Jan Vermeer. And I found a long lost Van Gough of daylilies, and so many more drawings and paintings from so many different artists. So please, trust me on this. I would never do anything I thought might damage any artworks.”

“Sorry, I know. I’m just a little edgy,” said Diana. “The past few days have been rougher than usual.”

Constantine put his arm around her shoulder and then pulled her into an embrace. Tess leaned against them. 

The full moon had just been a few days ago. Sure, Werewolves like Diana transform into wolves and back, but most people have no idea how hard it is on them, both the day before and a few days after, both physically and emotionally.

“Today will be fun Diana. Right Tess?”

Tess wagged her tail and tilted her head.

“I have Tess for when my vision goes out, and to help keep me grounded. I’m with you for the same reason Constantine. You keep me grounded.”

“I love you Diana.”

“I love you too.”

When they arrived at the art museum Constantine put his pack in front so he wouldn’t knock into any art with it. Tess was welcome as a well behaved and well-groomed service dog. 

The three of them walked through the galleries admiring both new works and old favorites. They laughed at the Funk and Nut Art exhibit. They looked in wonder at the ceramics. Finally, they sat on the bench in front of the magnificent painting of Yosemite “Great Canyon of the Sierra” by Thomas Hill. Constantine unzipped his pack. Out came a small head belonging to a black and white tuxedo cat.

“What do you think of this one Matilda?” Constantine asked his cat.

Matilda purred and quietly looked at the painting with the others.

“What would you like to see next dear kitty?”

Matilda looked up and said, “Marouoo Mew.”

“Alright then, California Impressionists it is. Good choice,” said Constantine. “Good choice.”

Later that night as Constantine lay in his big comfortable bed next to Diana, who was asleep with her arm over his chest, he could feel Matilda curled up and sleeping on his feet. Tess lay snoring at the foot of the bed. 

On the wall was a painting of a man, who looked a lot like Constantine, only with longer hair, and a slightly older style of clothing. A gray and white tuxedo cat sat on his lap. It was a beautiful piece of art.

He smiled and then whispered, “Still looks like me. Nice job Jan. I told you I’d never sell this one.”

~ end

Thank you for dropping by. Now turn off your computer and go visit an art museum or gallery. You’ll thank me for it later. ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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