Memory Lane

I overheard my husband Teddy, and his best friend Max, who just happens to be my brother, talking tonight.

“After you died…”

Teddy interrupted. “You mean got like I am now?”

“Yes, got like you are now. After you became a Vampire, and everyone thought you were dead and buried next to your sister Clare, your brother George had a seance.”

“When did you find this out?”

“Last week.”

“When did it happen? And who told you?”

“My mother told me about it. She said it happened in 1887. George was always kind of a prick. He blamed me for your long illness. He also blamed me for Clare’s death.”

“Clare died in childbirth. How was that your fault?”

“George was convinced I was the father, which is impossible. Yet, I couldn’t tell him that. I did but he wouldn’t believe me. Your brother said our sin was what caused her to die.”

“Your sin? Clare was happily married. You were there for Clare and the rest of my family after I, um, died, and…George is, was, insane. He was always making up ugly stories about everyone.”

“I found it hard to believe he was your brother and from the same family as you sometimes. Anyway, after you died George became insanely suspicious of my friendship with you, and Clare. Teddy, you know she was like a sister to me.”

“So did he contact either one of us at the seance?”

“She said you loved your mother, and told your fiancé to move on.”

“She did move on. Right away. Didn’t even wait for grass to grow over my grave.”

“Nobody was in your coffin.”

“She didn’t know that. I heard George died in 1892, in Boston. He was only 37.”

“Do you want to know what killed him Teddy?”

“No. I imagine he got sick from being so full of shit. I was always so angry at him that I didn’t care.”

“Someone shot him in the head. They never caught who it was. Wouldn’t have surprised me if it had been his wife. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was her. But who would have suspected his pretty wife would have shot her successful and handsome, and charming husband? Nobody.”

I thought there is a cheerful conversation between two men sitting near the Christmas tree while they’re watching a football game. I brought in three glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Any wedding plans Max?” I asked my brother who’d been engaged for about 4 years.

“It took me over 100 years to realized I love Mehitabel. Don’t rush me,” said Max.

“I remember when you met her.”

“Yeah,” said Max, never one to go back into the past.

I went back into the Living Room with coffee for Mehitabel and me.

“Thanks,” she said. “Ever think how creepy that song I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. That would be traumatizing for any child. Ick. I can’t even imagine catching my mom kissing Santa.”

Mehitabel thinks about a lot of interesting things. That is one reason I love her so.

“We steered clear of Santa, St. Nick, and Krampus when I was growing up. We’d light red candles and sing songs of the old ones who first split off between them and us. The story of finding the haven was always my favorite,” she said. Mehitabel was from a group with an older religion that went back beyond the oldest of Vampires and the oldest of memories. “The coffee is wonderful. Ahhhh yes, one does not survive on blood alone. When I first met Max he thought we were different, or even people that others didn’t approve of. Now he, well, thinks differently, or he doesn’t care. Funny how age and experience change the way we look at the world and each other.”

“Yes, indeed,” I said.

Max came into the room, put his hand on the small of Mehitabel’s back and kissed her cheek. “Come join us you two. Juliette, your kids just called and said they’d be here in a few minutes. Aaron and his family will also be here soon. I can’t believe you even talked our parents into joining us.”

“It will be grand,” I said.

“A very Merry Christmas for all of us. A Yuletide celebration to remember!” Mehitable said. “And I’ll light the candles.”

“Yes, you will my love,” said Max.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Vampire Maman.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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