Unanswered Burning Questions for 2023

Am I the only one in the Universe who doesn’t hang out in my pajamas. I don’t even own pajamas. I sleep in a tank top. I pull on pants in the mornings and an old zip up hoodie. I more or less get dressed right away. What do you sleep in?

Why do people seriously believe in conspiracy theories? There could be a lot of interesting answers to this one.

Why won’t politicians do anything good, or useful, or to make our lives better? Why can’t they solve any problems? Where is all the money going? Why are politicians such assholes. Why is it so easy to sway politicians with money – when they are supposed to serve the people. Why do people keep voting for the same idiots. Why do people blindly follow party politics which obviously does not work. I know this is a heavy one but I don’t care. I have to ask.

Why are people is the press so obsessed with so called celebrities? From the shallow and out of touch Kardashians, to the gross and creepy Duggars, when will it stop? When will all of the creepy plastic surgery trends stop?

When will creative people be taken seriously? I know the answer is NEVER but I have to ask anyway.

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near…I know the answer. It is because I have food for them.

Why do so many guys feel compelled to blow shit up anytime there is a holiday?

Why the fuck would ANYONE have a gender reveal party? You’re going to have a boy or a girl. You might have a child who is genetically both. You might have twins and a boy and a girl. Does it matter? Do you have to have a party for it, when you already had baby showers, bridal showers, schedule to sit my kid parties, I’m only having a kid to bring attention to myself parties, and other such BS? Seriously, isn’t it time to END gender reveal parties? I don’t give a shit what sex your kids is. I do care if your child is healthy, loved, and has parents with more than three brain cells.

Does anyone know what back to normal really means? Maybe we just all need to stick to our own normal and not worry about anyone else.

Was there ever really a normal time?

Was that really the dog who farted?

Will a Sasquatch live or dead be found in 2023? I don’t mean a bad photo or a weird questionable sound bite. I mean a real Sasquatch in the flesh.

Should I bring back the Saturday Burning Question feature on this blog?

Should I wrap this up? Yes, I should.

Leave your answers, comments, or questions in the comments area.

Happy New Year.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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