I returned from my ten day trip to Hawaii and was welcomed in by a storm unlike we’ve had here in years. I’m in the Sacramento area, so yes, we made national news with the rains, flooding, high winds that tore down trees and buildings, and a lot of other messes. Our electricity was out for three days. On top of it all I have been over the top sick with a never ending flu.

Sick you say? With the flu, you say? Contrary to popular belief I am not immune to colds and flues.

We left for Oahu the day after Christmas with decorations still adorning the front yard. Each year I hand round colorful ornaments of gold, red, silver, and green in my bare trees. Today, despite feeling like total shit, I went outside between the downpours and FINALLY removed them. While I was away the wind blew about a third of the Christmas balls down the street. My kindly neighbors retrieved them and hung them back on the trees, and piled others in a neat group at the base of one of the trees.

It was good to be outside, despite the damp wind. Sometimes I have to get outside to feel alive. I have to feel the cold air and the wind. Even in the summer I have to feel and outside blast of heat. Even in the extremes, which we’ve had more than our share of, I have to get outside.

Due to the power outages, and brain fog from being sick, I haven’t been posting here. Not even reruns. I’ve read some, but I can’t even take interest in movies or TV. I just want to sleep and sit with my eyes closed and maybe a cat in my lap, or my dog at my side. The dog tends to sit next to me making constant deep sighs, letting me know that she’d rather be taking a car ride with the window down, or on a walk through the muddy trails. Or better yet she would like to pull me along slipper streets trying to make me fall, because that is what dogs do, or at least every dog I’ve ever known.

The kids are doing great. My husband is a dear. My bros are all ok. Eleora and Tellias are safe and sound out on the the river road. We’re all ok.

Hope you are all safe and sound. I’ll be back soon with more adventures and whatever.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Empathy and sympathy on your illness. Been down since New Year myself. ‘Tis the season. Blah! And yes, it is worth out going outside for fresh air when we can.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it is the season for storms that blow down trees, crack windows, and hit us hard inside and out. Thanks too for dropping by and visiting. Hope you’re feeling oh so better soon too.

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