Burning Questions 2023 #1: Are We There Yet?

We are all defined by where we live, whether that is by design or by happenstance.

We are also defined by where we travel, and how we travel.

Yes dear readers, the oh so popular Saturday Burning Questions polls are back.


I just returned from a wonderful and totally relaxing trip to O’ahu, in the great state of Hawaii. It was a quick non-stop (where would we stop?) flight out of Sacramento. By quick I mean about 4.5 hours, but it sure beats 2 weeks on a sail boat. It isn’t as though I don’t like sail boats, but I tend to get sea sick in the worst way.

We traveled by plane. We stayed with a friend who lives on the East Shore of the island. It was lovely. We’ve also, as you know, taken road trips, travels to England and Italy, day trips, and night trips, and train trips, and plane trips. What kind of trips do you like to take? What is YOUR travel style.

Sorry this isn’t as funny as I get, but my ears are totally plugged, and I’m feeling like a tired old Vampire. Teddy and I also have places to go and people to see. We’re also sad that the kids have gone home. It is STILL fun to travel with our grown kids.

Have fun. Safe travels, even if you’re just going to the library or picking your kids up from school.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. I have taken some road trips without maps in the past, and that’s always fun, but these days I’m more cautious. I wanted to pick something more exciting, but the truth is, I rarely leave home except to go camping, usually within a 50-mile radius of home.

    1. My backyard and neighborhood are also in my future agenda, at least after these storms are over. On the other hand I have rain gear and a dog who doesn’t care if she gets wet.

    2. It is lovely and the people were just wonderful. We stayed with a friend who lives on the eastern shore of Oahu far from the touristy areas, but close enough for us to get into the city within a half hour. And he is single…and cute…so if you decide to ever make it across the Pacific…

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