Burning Question #8: A Mysterious Object

Today’s Burning Question is quite a mystery. This object was found by some mysterious Vampires… just kidding it was found by a not so mysterious Vampire, my husband Teddy.

But what is this thing?

Is it an arrowhead or a Christmas Tree? Seriously? What is this thing?

This is a serious question. This is a BURNING QUESTION.

Look at the photos. Is it a tool or a tree?


A mysterious object. What could it be?


Is it a tool? An ancient arrowhead perhaps?


Is it a beautiful golden Christmas Tree?

This is the 8th of 50 Burning Questions I’ll be asking you every Saturday until I ask 50 Burning Questions, or run out of things I want to know.

Answer the Poll. A lot of people get to this page and don’t answer a simple question. Your information will not be sold to mysterious political pollsters, or Soviet Style Russians, or to a mysterious coven of weird Vampires.

BURNING QUESTION #8: Is this an Arrowhead or a Christmas Tree?


Thank you for answering another Burning Question. Stop by next week for Burning Question #9. And remember if YOU have a burning question let me know. I might feature it one of these weeks right here on Vampiremaman.com

Now everybody get out of your seats and DANCE!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



As a Vampire…Who would you like to bite the most and why?

This is often a subject of conversation with vampire teens and adults…“Who would you like to bite most and why?”

So I put the question to you my dear readers. If you are a vampire (or if you aren’t just pretend)…

Who would YOU like to bite the most and why?

Come on…don’t be shy. Who is it? I dare you to tell!

Leave a comment – a name, a few words, a poem, a longing for desire, a joke, a tall tale, a story of love and lust and that lingering taste you dream of at night. A name that stays on your lips but you dare not speak it out loud. Have fun!

~ Juliette