Burning Question #8: A Mysterious Object

Today’s Burning Question is quite a mystery. This object was found by some mysterious Vampires… just kidding it was found by a not so mysterious Vampire, my husband Teddy.

But what is this thing?

Is it an arrowhead or a Christmas Tree? Seriously? What is this thing?

This is a serious question. This is a BURNING QUESTION.

Look at the photos. Is it a tool or a tree?

A mysterious object. What could it be?
Is it a tool? An ancient arrowhead perhaps?
Is it a beautiful golden Christmas Tree?

This is the 8th of 50 Burning Questions I’ll be asking you every Saturday until I ask 50 Burning Questions, or run out of things I want to know.

Answer the Poll. A lot of people get to this page and don’t answer a simple question. Your information will not be sold to mysterious political pollsters, or Soviet Style Russians, or to a mysterious coven of weird Vampires.

BURNING QUESTION #8: Is this an Arrowhead or a Christmas Tree?


Thank you for answering another Burning Question. Stop by next week for Burning Question #9. And remember if YOU have a burning question let me know. I might feature it one of these weeks right here on Vampiremaman.com

Now everybody get out of your seats and DANCE!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. “I am so confused.” For clearly this is a petrified cheese cracker from caveman times. Unfortunately they were sorely lacking in cheese so they never caught on.

  2. It was obviously left behind by some intelligent life form who was on a scouting mission to our planet hoping to direct the armies who came later to some target. Now that it’s been moved from its original orientation, the invaders will be lost and have to go back home. Well done!

    1. You might be on to something there. USO. Hmmmm. That works for me.

      Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo)
      Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo)
      Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo)
      ‘Cause uptown funk gon’ give it to you
      ‘Cause uptown funk gon’ give it to you
      ‘Cause uptown funk gon’ give it to you
      Saturday night and we in the spot
      Don’t believe me just watch (come on)

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