Short Story Sunday: Binge Watch

Sometimes even Vampires get bored on rainy Sunday afternoons. Andy knew that well, so he invited his friends over to binge watch. He’d gone out for snacks and come back to find everyone lounging around drinking wine and talking about other things.

“We tried to watch some Vampire shows but they were all so gloomy,” said Jayne.

“Don’t forget bad dubbing. There is nothing as bad as a mouth that doesn’t match up with the words,” said James.

“I dated a guy like that once,” said Elizabeth as she scratched Andy’s cat under it’s chin.

A swirl of color blasted through the air, then landed on the back of the couch. Six tiny fairies in pastel colored sat with crossed arms. “The Notebook. We want to watch The Notebook.

“No,” said Andy. “You’ve watched that at least fifty times. Let’s go upstairs. I’ll put on Bridesmaids, or Enchanted, or something else you haven’t seen yet.” He looked back at his friends as the fairies swirled around his head and pulled at his arms. “I’ll be right back.”

“We’re not watching Moonlight again,” yelled Jayne at Andy as he went up the stairs. “Alex O’Loughlin is absolutely gorgeous, but we’ve seen every episode five time at least.”

Andy settled the fairies in front of the upstairs TV in his office to watch Rebecca, then 27 Dresses.

Downstairs again he poured nuts in bowls, cut up some apples, and uncorked a few bottles of blood. “How about the movie Moonlight?”

“I’ve heard it is really good,” said James.

Elizabeth had seen it but said she’d gladly see it again. As a whole Vampires are pretty agreeable.

The four friends hunkered down to watch the movie.

They knew nobody would ever make an honest movie about people like them.  Then again, who said movies had to be honest. It was just entertainment.

After the movie Andy went into the kitchen to make dinner. Vampires never ate in movies. Tonight he’d fix rare tri-tip and a dark leafy salad. None of them felt like going out in the thunder storm for fresh blood. In the movies the weather was always bad, and everyone always wore leather. He thought about his sister who wrote stories about Vampires. Nobody else knew they were based on real life. She wasn’t about to give away the fact she wasn’t like her readers.

He could hear familiar music. His friends had found something else to watch. Twilight Zone. Go figure. Andy smiled and continued to make the salad. Nothing like friends and an afternoon of binge watching.

~ end





Vampire Maman Fall TV Lineup: New Shows

I just got word from my friend Thomas Kent that the fall listings for V-TV are coming out. Below is a sneak peek of some of the new shows.


Dark A.M. with Andrew

Late night show with Singer Andy Todd. What will you be watching at 3:00 a.m.? Fill the void with Andy. He features interviews with Vampire leaders, musical guests, authors, bloggers, nocturnal pet experts and more. With Andy everything is always smart, unexpected and entertaining.

Rating: TVPG


Night Crawlers

Reality TV with a down home fishing champion Werewolves. Buddy and Laverne deal with parenting their litter of four, plus running a fishing camp and championship boat yard. the first episode takes place with their crazy friends during a full moon on the lake. A run under the stars has never been more fun. You’ll howl laughing with this good-natured crew.

Rating: TVG


Dead Hunt

Find out who the deadliest Vampire Hunters are and what you can do to stop them. This hard edged show identifies threats and where they live. Hard hitting news and information about something that concerns everyone in the Vampire community.

Rating: TVPG



What happens when four young Vampire friends move to the big city? A lot. Follow the hilarious adventures of new Vampires Quintin, Kylee, Melvin, and Claudette as they navigate their new world.

Rating: TVMA 


Open Season

Detective Amanda Tinkerton solves the murders that nobody else can. Only her colleagues have no idea that she is a Vampire. Partnered with Werewolf Alex Black, the two go into the dark corners where they not only hunt criminals, but the criminals hunt THEM.

Rating: TVPG


Katrina’s Krazy Kitchen

Have fun with Katrina in her paranormal kitchen with sidekick Michael the Goblin. We promise no small children will be in their ovens, but you’ll see other surprises that will make your mouth water. So come on down and cook with Katrina in her Krazy Kitchen.

Rating: TVG


Reality Stalk

With so many reality TV shows on now,  Vampire producer Jack Van Lees wondered, “how fun would it be to drop in for a surprise visit?” Vampires Jack,  and his friends Lauren, and Woody make night time visits to shows like Naked and Afraid, Survival and Fast N Loud.

Rating: TVPG


Crypt Hunters

Hosts Ollie and Rachael take you on a weekly tour of Crypts that are now available for the old fashioned Vampires (and aren’t we all a little old fashioned.) This is a fun filled show full of grave yard trivia, Vampire history, and a bit of interior design, entertaining, and real estate know how. Meet the crypt keepers and the Vampires who want to downsize into their own traditional crypts. As Ollie would say, “This is bloody fun for everyone.”

Rating: TVPG

Crypt Hunters

Crypt Hunters


Dark Art

In the late 19th Century the artists colony in the beautiful Monterey coast of California was flourishing. The artists had unbridled passions for their art…and for each other. Ellie and her lover Gerald aren’t just artists – they’re Vampires. This epic drama highlights the art, the beauty of the California coast and the darker sides of the art and artists of the 19th Century.

Rating: TVMA


Have fun,

Juliette aka Vampire Maman

ATG 2012 Finals and Teddy’s Famous Spicy Bloody Bertha Vampire Cocktail

UPDATE: 9/14/12…The Olate Dogs WON! Wow what a surprise! When it came to the top four it was a difficult choice but hey, everyone likes dogs (or they should – and I’m more of a cat person – but dogs are awesome!)


ATG 2012 Finals and Teddy’s Famous Spicy Bloody Bertha Cocktail

Wednesday is FINALS Night of America’s Got Talent! Woo Hoo.

(That could also mean that fall is finally here. Thank goodness the nights are cooling down!)

We’ll all be there watching to see who does well and who completely blows it.

The SIX Finalists are….drum roll please…

David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s – We love this guy and his cute friends. Art for everyone! We also love the fact that he is a local boy (Sacramento, CA)

Joe Castillo – I feel he is a long shot. Love what he does with sand. It is amazing but he’ll have to come up with something that has a super WOW factor tonight.

Olate Dogs – What can I say? They are sooooooooo cute. A million dollar winner? I don’t know but I adore them!

William Close – This guy is amazing. I’d love to see him live. I’d also love to see his studio where he builds this stuff.

Tom Cotter – My bet is on him for winning (but you never know – the dogs and William Close could also win). Perfect timing. Always entertaining. A true professional.

The Untouchables  – Cute kids but I feel they are being exploited by their handler who has an ego the size of Nebraska. The way these kids jiggle and cry is too scripted. There is something very very wrong in this picture.

So let’s watch and see who wins! I’ll update the blog later tonight and share our thoughts – and don’t forget to vote.

In the meantime Teddy is glad the show is almost over. Of course he has been happy with BOTH Baseball (Go Giants) and Football (Go Niners) is on now! Woo Hoo. In the meantime he is fixing cocktails!

Teddy’s Spicy Bloody Bertha

  • 1 (46 fluid ounce) can vegetable juice (like V8 or you can use tomato juice)
  • 16 oz blood
  • 8 oz vodka (or more to taste)
  • 1/2 (10.5 ounce) can condensed beef consomme (find it in the soup section)
  • 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon hot pepper sauce
  • 1 tablespoon celery salt
  • 1 tablespoon ground black pepper

Note: If you aren’t a vampire you can leave out the blood.

Mix everything together, pour over ice, add pickled green bean or green olive stuffed with onion or blue.
For more of Teddy’s Cocktails and Spicy Vampire Nuts CLICK HERE!

And remember – never drink and drive. A buzzed drive is just the same as a drunk drive!

America’s Got Talent YouTube Show Falls Short But Ends on a Big HIGH!

The YouTube video portion of the America’s Got Talent for 2012 was, well, a bit lame. No it was a whole lot lame. The kids were groaning. Teddy was astounded by the amount of CRAP.

We DID like the guy with the cute parrot (the first act) and we did like the darling girl who sang country music (nice outfit) named Bria Kelly.

But what knocked our Vampire socks off was a gothic dancing group called Academy of Villains. They were original, creative, professional and major fun. WOW. You MUST see them. I’d pay to see them.

This is a crappy video so forward to 1.30 minutes to see an amazing show.

Yes – there is hope for this contest.

~ Have fun and we’ll chat about the results tomorrow. Gotta go to bed now. We have work AND it is the first day of school tomorrow!!!


Update: We’re watching tonight for the results but aside from the Academy of Villains it is a total and complete crap shoot. I guess as long as the stupid snake-in-a can guy or the air guitar guy don’t make it I’ll be fine with it. What choice do we have? Not a lot! I guess that’s what makes this silly show fun.  

~ Juliette