My Chocolate Affair

And speaking of snacks and treats….

Of course Vampires LOVE chocolate and treats of all kind. We can’t have a lot of it, but when we do it HAS to be GOOD. I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD. And made with LOVE. I swear we can feel the love (you all can if you let yourself go).

So, where do I recommend you get CHOCOLATE? My Chocolate Affair – of course (love love love the name).

In 2005, Elizabeth and Jamie made their love affair with chocolate an obsession, they create their own chocolate confections and gift baskets for all to love. You can find their fine products in their retail store, website and boutiques in CA.

“Chocolate is no ordinary food. It is not something you can take or leave, something you like only moderately. You dont like chocolate. You dont even love chocolate. Chocolate is something you have an affair with.” — Geneen Roth, Feeding the Hungry Heart

  • Getting married? Planning a wedding? Maid of honor? My Chocolate Affair has wedding favors, bridal shower favors that fit any budget. Visit the My Chocolate affair website for sample favors, or call us at (916) 225-3773 and they can customize your favors.
  •  Six hours a day, five days a week a teacher devotes to your child. Give a gift of chocolate to show a small appreciation for all they do for you and your child.
  • Graduation time is here! Time for CHOCOLATE
  • They’ll also do custom orders for special events like parties, business functions, holidays, birthdays…you name it. Give them a call.


1 (916) 225-3773


Side note: A dear friend of mine passed away a few years ago leaving an adult cat that nobody else could take (or wanted to take). Elizabeth adopted the cat “Fox”, took her into her home, with her three girls, and loved that cat! Fox is doing great and I hear happy as any cat could ever be. I will always be grateful to Elizabeth and her family for taking Fox into their home.


    1. Yes, a lot of companies do give out gifts for various events. “My Chocolate Affair” is one of the best places to get those gifts in my opinion. OMG their pretzels are to die for! Nobody makes better!

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