Blood and Bourbon – or – Passion and…crap, I don’t know what to call this…

Thursday lunch was with Adam Williams. We’d known each other for years. He had premature gray streaks in his thick dark hair. There was a rogue air about him.

I liked the way he tasted. Most blood I compare to wine. He was like a fine Bourbon with a hard bite to it. It had a real kick to it that I’d never found in anyone else before.

We met at his studio (he is one of the top photographers around). He pulled me close, his mouth on mine.  It was tempting. I was drawn to him but it was his blood that kept me coming back. A few pints from Adam could keep me going for a few weeks.

I looked into his blue blue eyes. Almost a growl came out of his throat as he pinned me against the wall. There was something pure and primal about this man.

I smiled and locked his eyes in mine. A little trance and he’d be mine for the next hour. I pulled his shirt up over his head. He had a body that wouldn’t stop, especially his arms.

I closed my eyes and sank my teeth into his neck. I could feel his arms almost getting larger, stronger. I drank deeply.

His hand went up my dress. I could feel his nails against my stomach, deeper and deeper until I realized I was being clawed. I released his neck and cried out. What the crap?

Suddenly I was slammed back against the wall. I was stunned, and then he threw me on the floor and was on me. His eyes blazed with fire, he snarled showing teeth. Not vampire teeth.

“Fucking vampire bitch.” He growled slamming my head against the wall.

It felt like he’d smashed my skull in. I snarled and hissed at him trying to get him off of me. “You’re a filthy werewolf.”

“God damn you Juliette. How long have you been drinking my blood?” he demanded.

For about 15 years now but I wasn’t going to tell him anything.

He got his face close to mine, his teeth ready to tear my face off. “How long have you been draining my energy, taking advantage of me you fucking vampire bitch?”

“Adam, we’ve been friends a long time. I can explain.” I said in a weak attempt to calm him.

He snarled and went for my neck. I swear I thought he was going to rip my throat out and send my head rolling across the floor. The pain made go blind for a moment. I almost passed out. Holy crap, I’d never fed on a werewolf before or never once not been able to detect one.

He rolled off of me holding his mouth. “Fuck, what the Hell?” His mouth was burning. He ran to the bathroom and I could hear water running. Vampire flesh burns werewolves. One point for the vampires. Zero points werewolves.

I put my hand to my neck trying not to completely bleed out. I was breathing hard. My lungs couldn’t get enough air.

Adam came back and towered over me.

“You’re so damn sexy Juliette.”

He crawled over me, straddling my battered body.  I still had my hand to my neck. His mouth went back to mine. “How can anyone who tastes so nasty on the inside taste so good on the outside?”

I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t stop the bleeding. Panic was setting in. The hair on his arms grew thick but he didn’t transform any more.

He put his face to my hand, fingernails now claws and caressed me. “A vampire.” He pulled my hand away from my neck and looked at the wound he’d made.

“You should heal up in about an hour, at least enough to sleep in your own bed tonight. I’ll call Teddy, tell him you were delayed.” He laughed like the victor ready to hold up the head of the vanquished.

I closed my eyes, feeling the sting of tears. I couldn’t even imagine him calling my dear husband Teddy.

“Does he?”  I was going to ask if my husband knew our long time friend Adam was a werewolf but I couldn’t get the words out.

“No.” said Adam.  “I assume Teddy is a vampire too?” He said that with a weird amused smile.

“Yes”,  I whispered.

“Figured with your close relationship and well, sort of different kind of marriage and all.  I know you vampires can’t help it if you’re degenerate sluts. Werewolves are the same way. Just can’t help it.” He picked me up gently and lifted me to the couch. “Juliette dear, I think I having something in the wardrobe from the last photo shoot you can wear home.  Let’s do lunch again soon, only I’m not for lunch. Deal?”

“Deal.” I barely got the word out, but I meant it with all my heart. “I’m not a slut.”

He kissed me on the forehead. I could hear him on his phone talking to Teddy. “Son of a bitch. I wish you’d told me you were a vampire. No shit”.

I drifted off to sleep, holding a towel to my neck, wishing I’d had something else for lunch.

I guess the moral of this story is to always know who and what you’re dining on.

~ Juliette


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