Vampire Masquerade! I can’t wait!!!!!

I am so excited! We just received the invitation to this year’s Vampire Masquerade! THE most exclusive event of the vampire year!!!!

Clara will have just turned 13 so this will be her very first year! We’re already working on sketches for our dresses.

My mom said she and dad already have something fabulous planned. No surprise from my parents, the most fabulous and stylish vampires I’ve ever met!

It received a text from my old “friend” Pleasant. He said he’d be there. My kids made some snarky remarks. Teddy just laughed. He’ll have plenty of old friends there too. But there will be new friends as well, a few “new” vampires we’re introducing into the Circle!

I can’t wait! I’ll post sketches of our dress ideas. Let me know what you’re wearing!

Hope to see you all there!!!!!

~ Juliette


  1. You’re lucky that it’s just a dance…I was once invited to a vampire dinner, but it turned out that they wanted to have me FOR dinner!

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