Becoming a Vampire Dad – what it means to really be alive.

Teddy is downstairs helping the kids with their homework.

When he became a Vampire in 1875 he thought his life was over. OK, let me explain…life does not stop when one becomes a Vampire.  You aren’t dead (maybe for a brief moment) or undead (which is alive so why in heaven’s name do people act like undead is creepy).

I was born a Vampire so I’ve always been “alive” and fail to see why regular humans have built so many myths around us. Just seems odd.

So back to our story…When Teddy, my husband, became a Vampire, or in his case was turned into a Vampire against his will and without his knowledge, he was crushed. His life was over. He DID think he was dead along with all of his hopes and dreams. At the time he was engaged to be married with dreams of family and children and nights by the hearth in the arms of those he loved.

What he found was a Victorian nightmare and a race of people who needed to drink human blood to survive. Think about it – I mean, if you aren’t part of the community it really sounds bad.

But eventually he discovered that he could have a family and children, when the time was right, with the right person – with the right Vampire.

I know I’ve mused about fatherhood but when I see him with our children my heart becomes warm and beats with passion, no matter who’s blood is running in my veins.

There are all different kinds of families – that is what we teach our children. Ours just happens to be a Vampire family.





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