Teens and Sleep…musings from a Vampire Mom

5:30 am.

Nothing is up but the birds and cats.

The sun is still trying to get up….like me.

We’re not morning people at my house. It is especially hard with teens, especially vampire teens living in the real world. They sleep through alarms. They sleep through anything, like they’re in some sort of coma. A vampire coma.

I could throw water on them.

Teens require more sleep. It’s a physical fact. They are changing in all sorts of ways we can’t even imagine – especially our vampire teens. But they’re teens, which means they like to stay up all night and sleep all day. But there is school and our teens live in the real world.

I get frustrated over groups of vampires who still separate their kids from the other types of people. It is this world that we live in and share. They must learn to live with the others and know their ways. They must learn to move among them without effort – without being noticed as “different”. They must learn to be social and popular because, I may sound shallow to some, but it just makes things easier when you’re looking for fresh blood. Those paranormal skills can’t be tried out if you’re isolated and alone. In the short run isolation will make them seem creepy to humans. In the long run it can mean the difference between life and death.

So encourage your kids to

  • Socialize
  • Be charming
  • Be kind
  • Be aware
  • Be safe
  • Be a good citizen
  • Refrain from being creepy
  • And never let on that you’re a vampire
And for goodness sake turn off the iPod and the Skype and go to sleep when your parents tell you to…so you can wake up when they tell you to.

~ Juliette

One thought on “Teens and Sleep…musings from a Vampire Mom

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