Sleep – taunts me like an unfaithful lover

You are there beside me

In the darkness

My hand touches your shoulder

Quiet as the dead

Lost in your dreams to me.

Sleep and I have never been friends. It taunts me like a unfaithful lover. And I want the pleasures and rewards it has to offer but I hate it for toying with me, keeping me hanging on, filling my nights with lies and broken promises of sweet slumbers. Damn it.

Even when I lived as a night creature sleep still teased and taunted me.

So now I’m up with the cat who rubs against my legs and embraces sleep as his best friend in the entire universe.

My husband sleeps quietly as do my children in their dream worlds, unburdened by Sleep poking them with sticks, taunting, jeering, whispering lies and taking away what is mine.

It is a sad thing indeed when a modern Vampire has insomnia and Monday morning lingers. We are creatures of the night but with parenthood and other concerns have been forced to live during the daytime.

~ Juliette


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