Teens First Jobs and Work Ethics – Rules for All Teens (Vampires or Not)

My 16 year old Garrett just got his first job. It isn’t much of a job, just helping out at a Vintage Clothing/Tea shop, but it is a start. He helps clean up a few hours a week, helps with inventory, and helps customers when he can. He likes it because he gets to wear some of the cool old vests and hats.

Be it a funky shop, fast food, undertaker or other business, your teen needs to know how important it is to be a good worker.  Do a good job and you’ll get something of value aside from a paycheck – a good reference for the future. In this economy nobody can afford to be the one who gets fired or in the next round of lay offs.

I own a business (with a regular person). Yes, while some Vampires do have enormous trust funds etc etc etc, we do have regular jobs. At one time our little public relations business was much larger and I was more involved.

I had one employee, I’ll call Doris, who was a hard worker and generally did a good job. But she had a sense of entitlement and needed constant praise. She thought she needed “rewards”. She was given high scores for her work and the highest raises we could give. She was allowed to come and go as she pleased, come in when she wanted, talk hour + long walks, take lunch whenever she wanted, go to appointments, take vacation days when she wanted, use the internet for whatever (including online dating) but she still complained that she wasn’t appreciated. My other employees never complained. It wore my Vampire nerves and nearly drove my partner crazy. Eventually, when business slowed we had to let this employee go. We gave her 3 months pay and a bonus plus medical and she almost seemed happy to go. But I was always puzzled by her total blindness to all of her perks and benefits she got from us. My partner tried to figure out what would make Dois happy. Doris  made the other employees unhappy with her complaining and they couldn’t figure it out either. We were all just happy to have the business.

Our business is now smaller and we get more done and have more business, and work less. We’re a good team and happy.

Of course then there was my friend Kelly who had an employee who tried to pay his coworkers to do his work for him. He was fired. Well for that and for a lot of other things. Kelly and I also traded stories of people who were compulsive liars, would fake injuries on the job and were just lazy.

We also talked about how many really GREAT workers we’ve known over the years. More good than not. Sure we’ve had a few bad bosses but most had been OK.

We see all kinds in business, and the point of this is that we don’t want our kids to be like Doris or like the lazy player boy.

Teaching any kid, Vampire, Werewolf or Regular Human a work ethic is something every parent should put at the top of their list.

First Job Rules for All Teens:

  • Get to work on time! Don’t be late.
  • Don’t complain.
  • Don’t feel entitled – nobody owes you anything.
  • Don’t expect perks at your first job.
  • Be happy for any perks you get and say THANK YOU.
  • You’re on the job to work – not socialize.
  • Don’t take advantage of your boss – even if the other kids are doing it.
  • Don’t complain (I know, this is the second time I’ve listed that).
  • Rather than complain – make friendly constructive suggestions.
  • Sometime, just for a change, tell your boss “THANK YOU”.
  • Smile.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Be a team player.
  • Don’t brown nose.
  • Be happy you have a job. Appreciate what you DO have.
  • And if you don’t like then look for another job. You’ll find one. It isn’t easy, but you’ll find something better.
  • Most of all STAY IN SCHOOL.

Of course for Vampire and Werewolves…don’t snack on your coworkers at lunch breaks.  NO! Absolutely do not do it! Work and food don’t mix.

Good luck to all!

~ Juliette


  1. Most of these rules work for students too. I’m a teacher, and I’ve got a few students who could stand to take a look at this list–and realize it was meant for them.

  2. This is an excellent blog post! I do have an apprentice right now… she follows most of your list – but not all of it… She’d do good to read it. 🙂

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