More Vampire Q&A

More Answers to Your Questions About Modern Vampires

No, Vampires don’t use performance enhancing drugs. Please see my post on misguided hero worship and your kids.

Yes, Vampires do ride bicycles but not for racing. Just for fun full moon rides and the like. What do you think we do? Sit around and drink blood, write blog posts and scare people every night?

Spandex? Really?

Small town and country life only works for the most creative of Vampires for obvious reasons.

No, pregnant Vampires don’t get evening sickness.

I don’t have a scary über wolf hound or scary attack dog. My dog is exceptionally cute and sweet. Not a scary breed. Some sort of white fluffy husky type mix. However, she can look like a wolf if she wants to.


I don’t live in a crypt. I live in a house.

No my neighbors don’t know we’re Vampires.

That’s it for now. Just a taste…



For more questions about Vampires answered click here and here.

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