Take a deep breath and…just stuff

Time is of the essence around here…something rare and precious…because there are now teens in our lives. Every single moment counts. There is homework, dances, skate parties, school, more homework, sports, college applications, clubs, friends, friends, friends, music, concerts, take a deep breath…and family time.

A lot of family time is just driving around in the car between all of these events, catching up, talking about “stuff”. Stuff is the best stuff to talk with teens about because it is about everything and nothing. We solve the problems of the universe or maybe not. We get serious. We laugh. We say stupid things to make each other laugh. We just talk.

Family time for us is also night walks. Sometimes we do Vampire stuff and sometimes we don’t. And remember this “Musings of A Vampire Mom”. A very very very very busy Vampire mom who has a lot going on aside from teaching her children to be good Vampires, citizens of the world, good students and of course teaching one’s child how to live in a diverse and ever changing and insane world.

So parents and teens:

  • Turn off your phones (or at least put them down)
  • Say something silly
  • Laugh with or even at each other
  • Talk about stuff
  • Pull out your old evening clothes and get your teens to try them on. Just for kicks and grins.
  • And if you’re a Vampire (or not) go on a night walk to see the stars, the bats, maybe find a night biker with a nice neck to bite…

Just spend a few minutes together. It’s important. You’ll thank me later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

pretending with gloves

7 thoughts on “Take a deep breath and…just stuff

  1. Important “stuff” there, J. Time you don’t spend with your kids can never be regained or relived. In your first paragraph I think you missed putting in a few more “homeworks”. Ha!

  2. I seriously echo the chit chat sessions in the car. It may take a loooong time for a currently clammed up teen to open up but it is worth it. Mine used to think, “Quelle horreur!” at the mention of talking to an adult. We spend the morning commute listening to her music (to which I exclaim, “Bon sang!” as my head explodes) and talking about non-sense stuff. Very much worth it.

    • 🙂 I’ve told some seriously bad jokes and said some pretty off the wall things to get them to start talking…but once they get going…

      Yes indeed, it is very much worth it indeed!

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