Sunny Saturday Musings

Sometimes I wonder of the insanity of the Modern Vampire Movement. I am out mid-morning, the sun is out, sandals on my feet. This is insane. But we have things to do, people to see in a world that revolves around daylight hours. Good Day Sunshine is not always my favorite song. I am waiting in my car for the child to finish her guitar lesson. The bricks on the buildings around here make me think about my childhood when my parents would worry so much and second guess their decision to raise us in the light. Living in two worlds has more advantages than disadvantages.

I suppose most of us, those of us who are more complex and interesting live in several different worlds.

Just musing today from my tiny magic box made by a fruit company.

Juliette aka Vampire Maman


4 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday Musings

  1. I like the idea about those of us who live in different worlds. I feel this way sometimes. A certain member of my family seems to live more and more in one world. She reads only books about/for/by her religion, she participates in events/activities that are religiously based, she even works for her church. And I feel that I’m being mean, but this bothers me. I can’t talk to her about anything that might possibly be not in tune with her religious world.

    Maybe I’m wrong. And I don’t think she sees herself that way. But it makes me feel she isn’t as…well…smart as she could be. That’s a terrible thing to say, but I feel like she’s not working her brain enough.

    Living in different world, experiencing different ways to live, it sparks the mind, challenges thinking, sharpens us. Sure it isn’t always easy and sometimes might even be dangerous, but that’s okay. For me it is.

    Anyway. Good musings!

    • It is always sad when someone cuts themselves off from all of the diverse experiences and wonders of the world we live in. Sigh. I have always thought that closed and small thinking is why we have wars and other strife in the world. Like I keep saying – the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Thank you for your thoughts and thank you as always for coming by. xoxox


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