March Madness, Laundry and Vampires

My husband is watching basketball. March Madness. I’m thinking more like March Insanity because I find no amusement in basketball. I’m not much of a football fan either.

The guy is a Vampire so you’d think…

Yes, you would think he wouldn’t be watching basketball as he folds laundry. OK maybe basketball isn’t such a bad thing. Let me say that again…my husband is watching basketball and folding laundry.

And yes, even Vampires have laundry. You’d think we put people in trances and have them do our laundry for us. Hmmm, now THERE is an IDEA. I put you in a trance and you’ll do my laundry and clean my house. 

But do I want someone in my house and how much trouble would it be to put someone in a trance for the sole reason of cleaning my house and/or doing my laundry?

It would be a lot of trouble, as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, house cleaning and laundry is a lot of work.

Or I could get my TEENS to do it. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who am I kidding on THAT ONE????

So are there any Vampire basketball players? No, not really. They’re too tall. If you’re over 6’5″ you have problems with blood flow…don’t ask, it is a Vampire thing. Just take my word for it.

Blood flow is a serious issue for Vampires. Sucking blood out of a living creature isn’t always that easy. So we put them in a nice little trance…ahhhh… then while in the trance they could clean the house. But they’d be tired from the blood loss and I really don’t want to bring my dinner home with me.

So no, I don’t like Basketball, but I’ll live with it because it means somebody else does my laundry.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. I usually don’t watch a lot of basketball until the stakes get very high… Oops. Sorry. Perhaps “stakes” was the wrong word to use there. *clears throat* In any event, I do laundry at my house. During football season you will find me moving and folding during commercials. How about baseball? Any vampires play baseball? My Cubs are terrible and haven’t won the World Series since 1908. You remember, right? Is it the day baseball? Is that why we lose? The vampires on the team struggle too much with day games?


    1. Night games work better for any sport if one is a Vampire. Water skiing is usually out of the question. And um, yes, there might have been a few in baseball (without the performance enhancing drugs) but I’ll never tell who it is/was. As for the laundry – my hat is off to you Jimmy! Good man!

  2. Hey,

    I am HUGE fan of yours and followed you every time you post!!!

    Charmeine the new edition in The Light-Bearer Series about a Vampire and an Angel is being offered FREE on Smashwords on Friday, April 19, 2013!

    I’m excited as heck because this is the first time that the new edition will be out and World Literary Cafe is Sponsoring it!!! Yeah!

    May I ask for a HUGE favor? I was wondering if I could appear on your blog, or if I can get mentioned on your Facebook page that day or Google Plus me that day!
    If you want, I can send you a packet of info about Charmeine along with the Smashwords code that will be usable on April 19, 2013!

    Let me know and if you can that’s WONDERFUL if not, I totally understand!

    Thanks and lots of love, Emily

    1. I just saw this post. I’d be honored to mention you. I’m getting ready to post my Spring and Summer reading lists. I’ll send you a private message.

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