Ideas with old Vampires, scraps of paper and strange young men.

Sometimes when I’m out and about I’ll make notes or sketches for blog posts. I was out seeing Lola the other day. She is an ancient thousand-year old Vampire who is the quintessential classic Vampire – you know the one who rocks the tight little black dress and the curls tumbling down her back and the F-me shoes. The one no guy can resist. Only yesterday she was wearing a little red sweater with white trim and a bow.

She’d had a man over for dinner. A young handsome one at that, but when I arrived he was still on the couch wearing nothing but a blanket. Thank goodness I didn’t bring the kids with me.

But in his defense, when a beautiful woman drains two pints of blood out of you then adds several hours of rigorous physical activity (you’re an adult figure it out) –  that wears a guy out. She was letting him sleep it off. His name is Sean and he works for the Federal Government and that is all I’m going to say for his privacy.  I guess he sees Grandmama Lola a few times a month. At least she has good taste. I guess he does too (you’d agree if you ever meet Lola.)

I was worried about Lola for a while due to serious injuries made by Vampire Hunters about a year ago, but she seems to be doing fine, at least physically. There a still a few scars and when she gets tired she might limp a little, but she’ll be over it all soon. Apparently Sean had no complaints. And of course he has no idea she is a lot older than he is or a Vampire.

And yes she does have a pet Armadillo – I kid you not.

Sketch idea for post with Lola and her Beef Cake or whatever.
Sketch idea for post with Lola and her Beef Cake or whatever.


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