We were here

Old images on glass – daguerreotypes and ambrotypes are like ghosts in that they vanish into thin air then come back again. The directness of the first portraits from the 1840’s & 50’s brings them to life unlike later paper or tin images.

These images are like early holograms – more 3D than 2.

Like ghosts they are difficult to capture with a modern camera or even with the naked eye.

And unlike with paper these glass images captured a little piece of soul to say hello to the generations to come and say rather elegantly “we were here.”




11 thoughts on “We were here

    • This is so cool – thanks for sharing. I urge anyone reading this to take a look at this link. A lot of people say they can see more people in the photo. There are supposed to be two guys outside and people in the windows. It is fun to see how fast it took for photographic portraits to become popular. This one was taken in the late 1830’s and by the early 40’s studios were popping up everywhere. It was an amazing time. I truly believe photography changed the course of history and how people view themselves.

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