True Confessions

We, my husband Teddy and I,  sat on the deck with a large chemists vial of Martinis and watched the last bit of the sun go over the trees.

Teddy smiled at me. “True confession.”

We have a game we play called true confessions. We’ve been doing it for years. It can be anything stupid we’ve done that day.

“You go first,” I said.

Teddy smiled. “I sang along to Pet Shop Boys in the car.”

I smiled back. “I sang along to Brittany Spears.”

“Juliette. I’m shocked.”

“And I had three glasses of wine at lunch too.” I filled my glass with more Martini.

Teddy gave me a sly look. “I didn’t wear socks.”

Now I was a bit surprised. “With your suit?”

“With my black Armani suit.”

“With dress shoes?”

“Why not? It was hot.”

We sipped our drinks and saw the last birds of the day fly around the tree tops. Humming birds zipped around our heads.



“Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a regular human?”

This line of questions always made me uncomfortable. “I guess, when I was younger.”

“Did you ever wish you weren’t a Vampire?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe, for a few minutes.”

I knew he’d wished plenty of times he wasn’t a Vampire. He’d been a regular human at one time.  I’d wished only for a fleeting moment when I was involved with a man for half a minute and it had been at least 100 years, long before Teddy and I became serious. I was born a Vampire so the question of being something else really never entered my head. I couldn’t imagine not being a Vampire.

Teddy didn’t ask anymore questions.

We talked about the kids and watched a couple of deer walk in the dusk in the field behind the house.

“I haven’t seen any ghosts for a while”, said Teddy taking my hand.

“Maybe they went on vacation.” I said.

“On a cruise.” Teddy said.

“Alaska or the Caribbean?”


“Maybe they went to St. Paul.” I could imagine that would be a place for an art minded ghost.

“Detroit.” Teddy gave me one of his million watt smiles.”


“I know they went to Tampa,” said Teddy.

We smiled and sat and watched the stars come out. He leaned over and kissed me. When you’ve been with someone so long and loved so long, you get your banter, long standing jokes and your patterns and you smile at the smallest thing. True love can read minds and hearts, even if nobody is wearing socks.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



8 thoughts on “True Confessions

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  2. I loved this conversation… even if it sounds a little “general” at first… it still is a very good sign of two related souls. 🙂

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