Always look forward…

The other day my 17-year-old son Garrett and I were just talking about stuff and he brought up the last big Vampire party and gathering last summer.

He made an interesting comment about a different subculture of our kind. “I met those Vampires, we call them Shadow Creepers. I thought they were like doing the whole Steampunk or Victorian Goth thing then I realized they were just old and mouldy, like they belonged in a crypt or something. It was sort of pathetic.”

I knew exactly who he was talking about. “They’re stuck in time, just like your friends with moms who still have really awful 80’s bangs or bleached blonde hair.”

“It’s worse than that mom. Like when you were my age the Civil War was going on. You and Grans were wearing hoop skirts but you’re so modern now. I mean, like you didn’t stay in the past.”

“No, we don’t live in the past. We remember it and try to learn from it, but we don’t live in it. That is what keeps us young.” I said that trying to impart a bit of wisdom.

“Mom, you’re not in some messed up Vampire Costume Drama.”

I smiled. “That would be weird. Shadow Creepers. I’ve never heard that one before.”

“All the kids, the Vampire kids, call them that.”

“Huh. That is too funny, but it fits.”


I gave the boy a hug. His future is bright, as I hope mine will be as well.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


4 thoughts on “Always look forward…

  1. Hi J,
    Vampires aren’t the only culture with “shadow creepers”. I see them every day…, even have a brother-in-law who is still living in the 60s – music and all.

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