Questions my kids ask that I can’t answer

Questions my children ask that I can’t answer

My children have asked a lot of questions over the years. It leads to a lot of discussions because they are “big picture” kids. They see the world outside of their own neighborhood and outside of their own family, friends and school.

I can give them answers but it still never makes sense. I mean, I can logically and emotionally give them something but sometimes I feel frustrated because I don’t have solutions. As a mom I always wish I had a solution. As a citizen of this planet I wish I had solutions. It is frustrating as Hell.

I didn’t make these questions up. It came from the kids.


  • Why do people hate Jews?
  • Why do people have more children than they can take care of?
  • Why do people have kids they don’t love? Why don’t they give them to someone who will love them?
  • Why don’t people take care of animals?
  • Why does the media sexualize women and girls so much?
  • Why is everything in the media about sex?
  • Why does every movie or TV show have to have a sex scene in it for no reason? It doesn’t add to the story.
  • Why don’t people change?
  • Why does anyone allow their daughter to be a child bride?
  • What is Tiananmen Square and why did it happen?
  • Why can’t I get my belly button pierced? (Because I’m your mom and I said NO.)
  • Why are boys so stupid?
  • Why are girls so stuck up?
  • Why are the roads so bad?
  • Did you know I can get the dog to eat anything if I put Ranch Dressing on it?


The list goes on and on. Every morning it is something new. So we talk about it. We talk a lot. It is what we do, because we’re a family. That is what families do. At least I hope it is what they do.

You might not have all of the answers but you can sit down with your kids on whatever computer device you have, or go to the library, or call a friend and get an answer. Or you can figure out the answers between you. Sometimes there are no answers.

But even when there are no answers there can still be discussion.

Talk with your kids. It is the best investment of time you’ll ever make.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Mom

Who doesn’t have all the answers, but will continue to look for them.

And more along this line but with Vampire stuff and a story from Tellias (the ancient Vampire) to come later today or tonight…


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