Thinking out loud

Last night there was a rap rap rapping on my door.

My husband answered it.

A pale man in black clothing stood, brooding, pale, cold, deathly still.

“You look like a Vampire,” said my husband Teddy.

“I am a Vampire,” said the man.

“So am I Matthew,” said my husband, “but I don’t look like such a fright. You’ll starve to death scaring people off when you walk around like a phantom.”

“I met a woman.”

“Is she a Vampire?”

“Yes. She calls me Matt.”


“Do you have time? Time to talk?”

“Sure, of course,” said Teddy and took Matthew out to the back deck where the night air has started to turn cool. They sat on the comfortable chairs under that stars among the flowers, the cats rubbing against their feet. It is a calming space. But anyway, it doesn’t matter about the flowers or cats right now. I don’t need to set scenes.

I opened a bottle of nice Pinot and brought them both a glass, then left them for their guy talk.

In the old days Teddy might have brought Matthew some unfortunate woman from the local village and they’d drain her blood together. Or it might have been some unfortunate man. That was long before our time. Well, um, where was I?

Right. Matthew. Teddy. I let them talk. I wasn’t in the mood to give advice or listen to awkward male love laments.

I checked on the kids upstairs (teens) and then curled up on my red couch with a book. The book I’m reading is good but sort of depressing. Sigh.

Earlier in the day I’d met with a couple of attorneys downtown for lunch. Four pints of blood later I was ready for a nap. I over did it. No, I’m not into the blood lust of books and movies. Nothing drips down my chin. I don’t want to spend hours trying to get blood stains out of my favorite clothes.

I went into the family room and sat down with Teddy and Matthew. They were watching the movie Rush, the one about the formula one race car drivers. I thought about my one and only trip to Monte Carlo in the 1960’s. It was weird.

I sort of watched not really being able to wrap my mind around much. Random memories kept popping into my head along with memories from the lawyers I’d been with earlier. The problem with being a Vampire is that there are so many lingering memories. No wonder we hang out at night when it is quiet.

So that is all. It was one of those nights when even a busy mom can’t seem to relax or do much of anything else. I made my way back up the stairs and laughed with the kids, played with the cats. One was in the sink, just hanging out, and the suddenly the stars aligned back up where they were supposed to be.

oscar in sink


That is all. Just thinking out loud.

Oh yes, and Halloween is only 76 days until Halloween!


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




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