Wishing you peace and the warm embrace and memories of love (even Vampires and Ghosts)

First posted in December 2013.

This is for everyone who has loved. This is for everyone who has suffered loss. Wishing you peace in 2015.


Passings in the Night

The plan tonight was to share some Vampire tales and adventures and truly funny things, but plans change.

Tonight I saw The Ghost, Nigel. He wore an impeccable black suit, his hair was a perfect glossy black and all in place. He motioned for me to sit with him out on my back deck under the cold night sky.

His eyes met mine and he told me a story.

“I died 27 years ago as of December 3, 1986.

I normally wouldn’t have remembered the anniversary of my own death, but, it was the strangest thing, I was standing out in the woods, not doing much of anything. When you’re a ghost you don’t do much of anything. Anyway, I was out in the woods and a woman came towards me. She was smiling at me and I knew things about her. Her life had taken up where parts of mine had stopped. Then her life stopped December 3, 2013.

She looked at me for just a moment in passing. It was dark but I could see the light coming over the horizon.

She asked me who I was and if we knew each other. I told her “I don’t know you, but we’ve loved some of the same people.” I turned her in the right direction.”

Then he stood up and looked up at the stars, l hovering in and out of a transparent state. Then he came close to me and made himself look as real as a live person.

“I couldn’t go with her. But I sent a little bit of my love along, I hope. Well, I know I did. Don’t look all sad. I’m a ghost. These things happen. Hey, nobody should die alone. She left surrounded by love.”

“Who was she?” I had to ask.

He shook his head slightly. “I don’t know. But we loved the same people, just not at the same time. I loved them first, then she loved them after I was gone. I have a feeling she was better at it than I was, or most people for that matter.”

There were so many questions I wanted to ask him but tonight was not the time to ask or to try to get answers.

Love is a force that we can’t explain or quantify. It goes beyond worlds, beyond sorrow and beyond grief.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Change, fear and new beginnings

The holidays gave me a break from the day-to-day nonsense and trouble shooting I’m frequently asked to do. I can’t tell you how nice it was to spend time with my children, husband, family and friends. Aside from a short Christmas letter from a couple of Zombie friends, all was calm and bright.

That came to an end today when I got one of those “Juliette you gotta help me out” calls.

Jeff is a man in love. He is also a Vampire. Regular people might not recognize him as a Vampire, but this sort of hipster young guy has been a successful Vampire for almost 7 years now. If I didn’t know it I’d think he’d been a Vampire for 70 years. He is comfortable in his slightly cold skin and living the life of the “undead.”

Unfortunately, like I said, Jeff is in love. He reconnected recently with Heather, a college girlfriend. She was quietly living a nice life as a successful graphic designer when she ran into Jeff one day and after four years of separation the sparks reignited. This is where the unfortunate part comes in. He fell in love this time and fell hard. Jeff also talked Heather into becoming a Vampire like him.

“She’s freaking out. I don’t know what to do. You gotta help me Juliette,” he said on the phone sounding like he was going to cry.

I told my husband Teddy to come with me. We drove up to a nice ranch style house with large yard and a lot of oak trees. Jeff greeted us at the door looking paler than usual.

Jeff led us into a fashionable living room. “Heather? I brought in some friends to to you. They can explain things better than I can honey.”

A young woman with short blonde hair sat curled in a black leather couch.

She looked up eyes the color blue of an evening sky. Heather had that kind of pretty face with big eyes and sharp features that could rock the pixie cut. Her eyes went right to Teddy.

For those of you who don’t know about Teddy, my darling husband, he might be one of the most handsome men who ever lived. Despite that fact the man is somewhat modest about his looks. That is even more astonishing for a Vampire.

Teddy sat on the couch next to her.

“Heather, how old are you?”

“Twenty six.”

“The same age I was when I became a Vampire. Only I’d never heard of such a thing, not even in myth. I didn’t even know what had happened until I came out of a long nightmare of the illness we all go through. At least we survived.”

The survival rate is about 10% for those attempting to become Vampires. More if one does their research beforehand. Some transition better than others. If they’re lucky they keep their souls and nobody tries to kill them right away.

Teddy took Heather’s hand. “I know how it feels to wake in this nightmare. You get used to it. You accept it. Then eventually you might even embrace it. I’m not going to tell pretend that you’ll never forget or wonder what your life might have been. You’ll never forget who and what you were. You’ll always be yourself.

You can never go back, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it all behind. My family and friends, the entire world for that matter, thought I was dead of some sort of brain fever. That was 1876. Things are different now.”

Teddy could see Heather doing the math in her head. “I’m 165 years old. Born in 1849 while my parents were making the trip across Panama to the California Gold Fields.”

They talked into the night discussing things I’ll never know except from the stories of others. I’ve always been this way. This is my normal. It has never been normal for Teddy. That said, I couldn’t imagine a better Vampire than my husband.

Jeff and I sat on the back porch with a couple of beers (Blue Moon) and talked about the situation. He never had any problems with the whole Vampire deal so he never imagined Heather would be so freaked out. We spoke of change and fear. We spoke of leaving it all behind. By “it” I mean everything you know and love.

I know how I’ve mentioned before that certain aspects of space give me the Willies. Today I looked on the web site for the Mars expedition. I read the application form for potential Mars pioneers. It scared me. There was such an odd frigid fear at every corner of my already cold dark soul. I couldn’t imagine leaving Earth to go live on a rocky red planet with no trees or mountains or birds or life. Even worse was the fact that they could never go home.

I suppose one could say that about explorers on Earth. You could say that about those who came out California during the Gold Rush of 1849. But they could always go back home or at least know there was a possibility of going home.

I imagine Heather was feeling as if she’d volunteered to go to Mars and changed her mind the day after the space ship landed. She’d never be able to go home.

What a tragic thought. I started to wonder about anyone who was caught in a place they didn’t want to be in. How horrible to feel trapped and doomed forever.

Then again how bad could being a Vampire be? Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone being upset by it. Of course the sensitive side of me can imagine the sense of loss but on the flip side… you know, it isn’t a bad deal.

Teddy and Heather eventually came out to join us. We sat under the stars in the cold and talked for a while. It will take Heather a while to adjust to her new life, but with a huge support system and Jeff’s devotion to her she’ll be fine. Change can be good, if you do it right.

That’s it for tonight. I’ll report on Heather and Jeff in the future. In the meantime check on the links below for more thoughts on Mars, space and scientific discoveries.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


cateclipsemic event





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Wanted: Editor

I’m looking for a professional editor.

I’m not looking for a “service” that collects tons of money and promises all sorts of crap. I’m not looking for SPAM either.

I need a good editor for a couple of novel manuscripts.

If you can suggest anyone please leave a message on this post or email me at juliettevampiremom@gmail.com

I prefer someone in the United States who uses standard American English. I’m in California so it just makes it easier.




Short Story Sunday: A Head of The Game


I was so out of it today and off schedule that I forgot it is SHORT STORY SUNDAY.

So here we go…

A Head of The Game

Sixteen year old Quentin opened up his skate bag to find the smell worse than usual. It wasn’t his stinky skates or old socks his mom was nagging him to wash. It was a human head staring up at him with milky brown eyes.

He stood horrified. His skate partner Gracie looked at the bag and let out a small animal like noise and then looked a little closer.

This wasn’t what two sixteen year olds in an old somewhat unpopular sport were expecting for their Friday afternoon practice.

During the week, at school, they were funny and trendy and smart and goofy teenagers. At the skate rink they were elegant, gliding around the floor on their roller skates. Not blades but 8 wheels. They were the best. Regional champions. But it was all about fun. They’d never go to the Olympics in their sport. They didn’t care.

But now that was far from their minds. They stood staring at Quentin’s skate bag. No skates. Just a head surrounded by dirty socks.

All Gracie could think of was Quentin’s dad telling him “you need to practice harder to get a head.”

Gracie’s mom ushered the kids away as Coach Maggie called 911. Organ music played in the background to a tango beat. Moon River.

Gracie kept thinking about the moon. Then she got up and took another look at the head. Going back to her mom she whispered, “Hey Mom, I know who it is.”

Her mother looked her in the eye without a word.








“Mom… what are you writing? That is so bad. Really?”

We’re at the skate rink, back in the real world of Juliette and Clara. The child just changed from her dance skates to her figure skates.

“Mom you need to be writing on your book. You need to finish it up so you can make millions of dollars…”

“This is Short Story Sunday,” I tell my child. But I couldn’t come up with an ending of my story. Then again, five minutes of writing at the skate rink during practice has got me against a creative wall. I’ll let you know when I figure out who that head belongs to.

In the meantime, I have to tell you that I do love this sport.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

New Games and Other Random Thoughts

We’re still in the throes of the holiday season and my kids are still excited.  Don’t take offense to what I say – but sometimes living with my teenage daughter is like living with Robin Williams. She is FUNNY and she NEVER stops. I’ve been saying that since she was a toddler. It is constant in my face. Around most people she is lovely, well spoken and extremely polite. Around me… that is another story. I have to admit we feed off of each other in the humor department. At least once a day we laugh so hard I almost lose my breath completely.

Yesterday she told me about a couple of favorite high school games.

Get Down Mr. President

One group is designated to be the president. Someone yells “Get Down Mr. President.” The “President” gets down on the ground while everyone else acts like they are protecting him/her. And yes, they do this in school hallways and other public spaces. I told her it was in poor taste. Of course I had to laugh.

3 2 1 Infomercial

Someone yells (in public of course) “THREE TWO ONE Infomercial,” then everyone involved has to act super excited about whatever they are doing. Think about it.

Laugh About Mom

This is a game my family plays. I don’t participate and usually tell them to shut the F up. Yes, my lovely loving family can be… well, loud and slightly annoying. I know by reading my blog you might think we’re all perfect. We are almost there… almost.



All I have right now is snippets of thoughts. I fell off a chair on Christmas Day. Yes, I was standing on it reaching for a Champagne glass on a top shelf. I fell on my back and now I feel as if I’ve been hit by a truck. Please, do not follow my example.

After over three years, and over 1,000 posts I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog. The creative process is an odd thing indeed, as is my life. Things seems to move along with sort of a pattern, but with a lot of random… a lot of random everything.

I look out the window and can see The Ghost outside on my deck in the frozen morning air pounding out something on an old manual typewriter. He looked up at me with a snarky glare then vanished.

It is too dark and too cold and too early for any of the smaller woodland creatures to be showing themselves. It has been weeks since I’ve heard any coyotes or seen deer. They’re out there. I haven’t seen a raccoon in 6 months at least.

Today will bring a trip to the mountains (up to Tahoe) and maybe an adventure to share.

In the meantime your assignment for today is to laugh. And be random. Or maybe write some poetry, or paint a picture or take a walk in the cold winter woods holding the hand of someone you love.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Musings on Good Behavior and Time Well Spent

As the New Year approaches let us all make a resolution to be nice and civilized in 2015. We will also make a resolution to teach the teens and younger adults in our lives to do the same.

Good taste and manners is what differentiates us from those people who are considered somewhat lower than us on the evolutionary scale.

There are things we do not do.

  • Do not wear push up bras to the gym.
  • Do not try to dress sexy at the gym.
  • Do not bring babies to movie theaters.
  • Do not worry if someone ignores you at a party. Their existence doesn’t count.
  • Do not pay attention your cell phone while dining with others.
  • Do not pay attention to your cell phone while you are on a date or at a business meeting.
  • Do not let your dog sniff crotches. He can sniff dog butt but that is all.
  • Get your dog fixed.
  • Always show respect to your teachers (even if you do not like them). The rewards will be great.

This list could go on and on. It is just part of my chore as someone who writes about parenting young adults and scolding older adults.

Dear Vampires, you also have to mind your manners. Make it a goal in 2015 to follow proper etiquette.

  • Use proper hygiene. You’re a Vampire not a Zombie. Nobody likes to be around someone who smells dead. For that matter nobody likes to be around someone who looks dead. The same goes for Regular Humans and Werewolves.
  • Never be a bore. Nobody like to be around someone everyone wishes was dead.
  • Don’t talk in an Eastern European accent unless you are from Eastern Europe.
  • Be neat. Blood stains are a bitch to get out of carpets and clothing.
  • Age has nothing to do with maturity. Just because you’re 400 years old doesn’t give you the right to be an immature jerk.
  • Don’t be creepy.
  • Don’t lurk around.
  • Don’t stalk. If you like a girl just go up and say hello. Don’t stand by her bed late at night and stare at her.
  • Don’t take advantage of Regular Humans. Just take what you need and get out of there.
  • Always be polite and use good manners. You already know that you’re better than everyone else so act that way. And I don’t mean by being a snob.
  • Be a person everyone wants to be around. That way you’ll never go hungry.


I came home to finish up this post after going for a walk with my kids. We went about a mile away, away from the trees and the neighborhood to the local Starbucks. Along the way we talked. The subjects ran from over population, to religion, to manners, to dogs, to good friends, to relationships, to cities my lovelies would live in when they grow up and go out on their own. We saw the snow on the mountains in the distance and decided we’re in a pretty good place right now. But one day they will spread their wings and discover the world on their own. I told them about some of my hopes and dreams and things I almost did. They said I have an adventurous spirit. They were surprised by some of my youthful adventures and dreams. I still have dreams and plenty of adventures ahead of me. You have to. Everyone has to.

So to add to the list of things above, here are a few more:

  • Keep talking with your kids.
  • Listen to their dreams.
  • Keep having your own dreams.
  • Keep having your own adventures.
  • And don’t be afraid when your kids want to have adventures. Let them fly. Let them live their lives. They’ll be safe because you raised them right. I hope you raised them right.
  • Treasure your time with them. Treasure the small things. The walks, the talks over coffee, the time spent piled up on the couch together, the times watching funny dog videos or shopping or going to the local museum… all of the times. It all matters. It is all well spent.
  • Love well. Love a lot.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman