Enter the 1st Annual Vampire Maman Love Letter Contest

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Vampire Maman 1st Annual Love Letter Contest

When the weather gets chilly we think of romance. February is just around the corner. Be bundle up on couches and cuddle more under the sheets. We look at the clear winter sky and think of loves of long ago. And we think “cold hands, warm heart.”

Anyway, I’m having a love letter contest.


Create a love letter. It can be written. It can be drawn. It can be a photograph. It can be a video. It can be whatever you want as long as you consider it a love letter and can post it on your blog.

All love letters must contain these three words:

  • Vampire
  • Prism
  • Portrait

It does not have to be about Vampires. You can write it about your own passion, your love, your longing, or long lost dreams or future entanglements or astronauts or bulldogs or ice cream if you want – just include the three words. Vampire. Prism. Portrait.

You can write it to anyone or anything you want. Just let yourself go.

And MOST IMPORTANT: Post it on your blog with a link to THIS POST. I also suggest you add the link to the comments section below to make sure I see it. I tend to be a bit absent minded… and you know how it is. Just help me out here.

But Juliette, what if I don’t have a WordPress blog?  No worries. Just send your love letter to juliettevampiremom@gmail.com and I’ll post it here along with all the others.


Everyone who participates will get fame beyond their wildest dreams.

Everyone who participates will get an electronic “badge” that you can put on your blog or email to your friends or post on your Facebook page. It will show that YOU are a Master Love Letter Writer.



Paperback copies of the WPaD books Passions Prisms (signed by me) and a copy of Silk She is by the late Daniel Tanzo. Plus a set of Vampire Maman Victorian Fashion Trading Cards (I make them myself with images from my personal 19th Century photo collection.)



possums are never rude

A box full of possums. HA! Just kidding. I wish. The second place winner will receive a signed copy of the WPaD book Goin’ Extinct. I love this book. But there’s more… the Second Place Winner will also receive a set of Vampire Maman Victorian Fashion Trading Cards (I make them myself with images from my personal 19th Century photo collection.)



Will receive his or her very own set of Vampire Maman Victorian Fashion Trading Cards (I make them myself with images from my personal 19th Century photo collection.)


I might also have a few surprise drawings of electronic books from the WPaD group or other odds and ends if a lot of lovely love letter writers participate. I will announce that later.


February 10, 2015


February 14, 2015

But wait there’s more…

You may enter as many times as you like but only one prize per love letter writer.

I will be sending out reminders and posting links to your blogs as the contest deadline nears.


Vampire Maman is where everyone comes for love letters.

Google “How to Respond to a Love Letter” and you will be directed here. In fact, the most read post on my blog is “How to Respond to a Love Letter.” 

Links to my love letter posts are below:

I want to give a shout out to the Evil Squirrel for stealing his contest ideas. He didn’t have a love letter contest but he had a great contest where participants had to include a Squirrel, a Unicorn and a Possum. My entry is HERE. CLICK HERE. Thanks Evil Squirrel. I didn’t win but it was so much fun that I didn’t care. The winners were amazing and awesome and creative. I mean, isn’t fun the reason we do this stuff? 

And Ms Raani York – famous latter writerI expect an entry from you.

So everybody start thinking romance or love or longing or a nice Vodka Martini… and send me your love… that is love letters.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Kissed by a Vampire


  1. Oh! I want a box of possums…. wait maybe I don’t. How about a box of bats?
    Love this idea. ❤ I might have something up my sleeve.
    Holy Wow! I'm the first to comment here!!!!

  2. Awwwww, you had my hopes up of trying for second place! I wanted a box full of squishable….. uhhhh, squishably cute possums!

    I will certainly try to come up with something for this contest… which will be fun since I’ve never written a love letter before!

    1. Ohhhhhh you have so many cute and wonderful critters to inspire you. Maybe Buster too! HA!

      Unfortunately UPS and the USPS won’t mail live possums. Well, wait a minute – unless that is United States Possum Service and United Possum Service.

  3. LOL. I’ll keep that in mind, Juliette. – Does that particular love letter have to be previously unpublished? 🙂

    1. You have a love letter that already has the words Vampire, prism and portrait? But yes, you can enter any love letter you have created as long as the “rules” are followed. I’m so happy you’re interested.

  4. Reblogged this on jademphillips and commented:
    What a fun contest a friend of mine is having! Juliette Kings (aka Vampire Maman) is having her first annual love letter contest! Perfect for Valentine’s day! I couldn’t help but reblog this. Read through Juliette’s post to see all the awesome prizes and how to enter by writing your very own love letter!

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