Tofu, Vampires and Growing Up


Yes, they might be in college and living on their own but they are still kids.

My child Garrett, and his roommates Layla, Bailey, Randy and now Austin, are going to have a dinner party this weekend to celebrate the new school year. Yes, there are five of them now. Austin just moved into a space the size of a closet as the fifth roomie.

So what is on the menu I asked? There are three Vampires, a Werewolf, and now Austin who is just a regular guy.

I had to ask, as a concerned parent, about Austin. Garrett said he was cool. His great great Uncle Bill is a Vampire so Austin is ok. Bill used to babysit him when he was a kid. He took Austin to Europe for a month after he graduated from high school. Austin knows Vampires.

Anyway, so what’s for dinner?

Tofu? Maybe. They’ll figure it out.

That is the wonderful thing about being nineteen is that you have to figure out almost everything, even though you think you know everything already.

But it is a good thing Mom is still there to answer any questions.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

25 thoughts on “Tofu, Vampires and Growing Up

  1. Dandelion wine goes quite well with tofu. The tofu tones down the bite of the wine. Pomegranate wine is another good choice for tofu as it sweetens up the blandness of the been curd.

  2. In defense of tofu – if you don’t try to make it into meat and fix it correctly it is lovely. As for the wine… I’m writing about a bunch of 18-19 year olds. Sure they live in their own house but they aren’t old enough to legally go out and buy wine.

  3. I’m suddenly craving tempura tofu and sauce from the Thai place down the road. You are right, as long as you don’t try to disguise it as something else, it’s not bad when prepared properly.

  4. That’s right Juliette the drinking age is 2 in the states. Here it’s 18 so the meme got me for a moment. My biggest food/beverage question at 19 was what ration pack meal goes better with a choice of water, tea or coffee? 🙂 To this day I still like canned beans and franks.


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