Looking Down

I live in a home with over fifty steps. This includes inside and outside stairs.

Last night we had a sudden and unusual thunder storm. I went out to the deck to take a look. There is a top deck and a larger bottom deck (we live on a hill.) Ten stairs are between the two.

I looked down in the dark, not expecting to see anything. And nothing was there. No glowing eyes. No still and bloody body. No cracked open skull spilling brains on the wood. No rabid coyotes. No Goblins waiting to rip my heart out and take over my home.

The wind whipped around my head, and the rain started to fall. I turned to go back inside, then felt an icy hand on my shoulder. I turned.

At the bottom of the stairway was The Ghost. He stood there, his hair dripping from the rain, his eyes dark with a hint of sky blue in the dark. Then as usual he flipped me off and vanished with the words, “Oh Vampire, even you have fear in your heart.”

“No,” I yelled. “The only thing I fear is missing the last step and falling.”  Then I yelled. “And I the thing I fear most is you not shutting up. Thank you for not talking my ear off tonight you little puke.”

I went inside and fed the cats. I could hear a quiet laugh from outside, at the bottom of the stairs.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




3 thoughts on “Looking Down

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