A Month of Love and Romance

February is such a lovely month for love and romance. Here in the land of sun and calm… I know that isn’t really Vampireish, but that is where I am. So anyway, love and romance…

When I started this blog way back when, my children were in Middle School and High School. Now they’re young adults. They’re in college. They’re working. One is living six hours from home in an apartment with friends. They are also both in love.

This makes my husband (their dad) nervous. He is waiting for the crash and burn of broken hearts to come crashing and burning down.

I’m not waiting for anything. Both of my kids are with nice young Vampires. They could all break up tomorrow, or they could all stay together forever.

So what about Valentine’s Day? Clara and I went to the used record store where she picked out some vinyl records for her beau. She likes jazz. He likes jazz. Great jazz records are cheap. I thought it was romantic, thoughtful and appropriate.

My son on the other hand tends to go overboard. I suggested he skip spending his savings and go for a nice romantic evening on the beach with a nice bottle of Poet’s Blood. He could go to someplace like Target, or even the local thrift store and pick up some fun glasses or goblets. A small token like a pair of cute dangling earrings, beaded gloves from a vintage clothing store, or something small and personal. Bath and Body Works is always a great place to shop for Valentine’s Day.

Young adults, who are mostly on tight budgets, shouldn’t be expected to fork out large amount of money on gifts for a way too commercial day of love. If your kid is with someone who DOES expect your young adult to spend too much money, time, or emotional energy them, it is time to have a talk. At that point it isn’t romance. It is a clear sign of being with the wrong person.

Love doesn’t need flash. Love doesn’t need billboards. Love doesn’t need constant attention. The instant gratification monster can drain the fun and romance out of any relationship. Being too needy or demanding is the kiss of death for romance.

I guess this is why I love this song by Saint Motel:

Yes, the video is sort of silly but listen to the words. I love this band. If you ever get to see them live DO IT.

So February is here. I’ll be publishing new posts about love and romance, as well as old favorites.

So hug, kiss, write love letters, dance, sing, and be smart. No broken hearts this month.

And if you’re single… you’re off the hook.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

true love with heart small

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  1. Our local jewelry chain would like to have a word with you… because their extremely annoying radio ads assure us that men need to not only get an expensive piece of jewelry for the love of their life this Valentine’s Day… but also an expensive piece of jewelry for EVERY female in their lives from mom to sister to daughter to coworker to the meter maid to…. well everyone! Unless you want to be THAT GUY who looks like a cruel, heartless cheapskate….

    Thank goodness I’m off the hook!

    1. Well hell, you just took all wind out of my cute ideas. I might have to print a retraction. Except for the meter maid. She gets a flaming bag of dog poop for lighting up so many hearts.

      A long time ago a man gave me an artichoke and said, “This is a vegetable with a heart.” Now that was romantic. OK it was cute, but whatever.

  2. For only the second time since I being old enough to date, I’m single for this Valentine’s Day — by choice. It feels a little sad, but I’m also looking forward to some of the no-couple festivities that have risen in response!

  3. Valentine doesn’t get a look in in our house. Saints Cyril and Methodius take precident, although this year even they don’t get a look in because it’s Ash Wednesday.

    I’m loving that Ash Wednesday is 14th Feb. And even more so that Easter Day is 1st April. I can just see how Jesus could have played it, all the disciples sitting around being all sad that he’s dead, and then Jesus just appearing in front of them going “April fools!” I’ll probably get shot for blasphemy now. 😉

    1. Your comment about the dates and Jesus… I’m just sitting here without proper words to respond. That is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been thinking about it all morning. Wow.

      As for Cyril and Methodius… I’ll have to look them up, or ask Tellias if he ever met them.

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