Burning Question #9: Do Ghosts Exist?


Saturday is here once more and it is time for….

Drum roll please…

The Burning Question.

Each week (until I get to 50) I will be asking a Burning Question. YOU will answer in the super quick yes/no maybe another answer poll below.

Together we will ponder the great questions of the universe. So let’s go…

Burning Question #9: Do Ghosts Exist?

We all have our favorite ghost stories (yes we do.) But i did not ask you if you believe in ghosts. I asked you the more scientific question of their actual existence.

Crazy Ghost Band

As I finish up this post Nigel, The Ghost, stood outside of my window and flipped me off. Yeah right bud and right back at you.

Then again we must not forget the more romantic aspects about ghosts in our culture.

Why yes, this is from the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Sigh.

Feel free to comment, discuss, or make marks in the comments below. I encourage it.


Thank you, and come back next week for another BURNING QUESTION.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

don't be a ghost


  1. I’m actually going to go with three answers. Just because. Only the ghosts of love lost exist but only in old dark houses and creepy castles. And you can’t see them unless you’re using a shaky black and white camera with an attached EMF device. 😆

    1. I know my answer and so do my cats as well. I just thought I’d throw this one in for kicks and grins. I’m sure Nigel will have something snarky to say about this later.

      Thanks for dropping by. Always glad to have you here.

  2. Sorry Nigel, but I’m very skeptical that ghosts exist. And that’s despite the fact that I vividly remember one walking through my room one night as a10 year old and “bumping into it” on my way to get my Dad. In my scientific defense, I was horribly sick with the flu that night (The only time I have EVER had the flu, knock on woo….. er, that’s just as ridiculous as well)…

    1. When I was a kid there were ghosts in the house who looked remarkably like my siblings. The ancestors were restless I guess.

      At least now I know people actually READ my blog. Wow, and Nigel has been AWOL for a while. It warms my cold Vampire heart.

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