Burning Question #31: Twinkle Twinkle WTF?

Fall is here! The scent of pumpkin spice is in the air. Sweater weather is getting started. Halloween is just around the corner. Gourds are weird and wonderful and garnish our tables with colored leaves and mini pumpkins. Little monsters are getting their costumes ready. And we’re all picking out the best candy for our neighborhood kids.

So you go out to the store to find the best pumpkin, get some popcorn and caramels, and Halloween decorations and you hear an all too familiar song.

Then you smell… what is that? Pine and cranberries? Excuse me?

I love Christmas decorations and LOVE Christmas lights. No matter what size my tree is I put up at least 300 ornaments and about 20 strings of lights on my tree. I’ve got the cottages, the wreaths, the lights, the scented candles for the rest of the house. I’ve got it all but…

Burning Question #31: Is October too early to put up Christmas decorations?


And to think I was just marveling at the variety of pumpkins that are available now. Pumpkins! And gourds. I love gourds. This is the season of Halloween and harvest and things that go bump in the night. Thanksgiving is in November, and December is for… well, you tell me.


So plug in your answers and let me know what you thinks. Yes, leave a comment, a poem, a thought, a bitter lamentations, a statement of celebration or whatever you want.

This has been the #31st Burning Question of 50 Burning Questions. I’ll see you next Saturday for Burning Question #32.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



  1. I say one holiday at a time!! Decorations for Halloween, then Thanksgiving (poor, forgotten Thanksgiving decorations!), then Christmas with all her glittery make-up and fake eyelashes!

      1. Well, I’ll have you know, WE have one of those garland turkeys that we’ve saved for over 20 years that we put up with our waxed Maple leaves and mini pumpkins. WE DON’T FORGET THANKSGIVING.

        I will have to admit though, I have had the same Fourth of July cheesy shabby chic metal stars and stripes wreath handing on my front door for 3 years now …

  2. If people want to put up their decorations really early, like December 10th, I’ll give them a pass, but earlier than that and they’ll be on my naughty list.

  3. I just read an article recently that said people who decorate for Christmas early are usually happier than people who don’t. *shrugs* I love decorating for holidays so, I say if it makes you happy – it’s never too early 🙂 BUT – Halloween is definitely my favorite and I enjoy relishing that as long as possible.

    1. I think putting up Christmas decorations is like owning a boat. You’re happy putting them up, enjoy them for a month, then glad to have them gone.

      That said and done, Halloween rocks. I’m having so much fun seeing all of the front yard graveyards and giant spiders appearing in my neighborhood.

    1. We have a lot of October birthday’s in my family this month too, including my mom tomorrow, and mine just before Halloween. We are all about pumpkins and enjoying the fall – not winter. It doesn’t even start to cool down until almost Thanksgiving – and by cooling down I mean lower than 70 degrees F. I always wait until December 1 to put up anything to do with Christmas.

      Thanks for dropping by. Happy October!

  4. I think (think, I stress) that this may have been the first burning question I actually voted for Yes or No on. As you know, I work in retail, and we actually start Christmas a bit later these days than we used to (Late September rather than late August). But retail has an excuse to get a jump on sales, AND people buy the stuff in October, so whether people like it or not, it’s perfectly justified…

    That said… under NO circumstances should any private residence be putting up Christmas decorations prior to 12:01 AM on November 1st. Even before retail recently made Valentines Day and the Fourth of July decorating holidays, Halloween has long been a decorating holiday, and you can only do one decorating holiday at a time, and are not allowed to begin with the next one until the day after previous decorating holiday. The only exception is if you’re one of those houses that leaves your Christmas lights up all year, in which case you get points for being smart and lazy…

    1. Everyone in my neighborhood is putting up grave yards in their front yards. I’m already planning my Christmas light set-up but they aren’t going up until after Thanksgiving. There are always those half a dozen houses around here that turn on the lights as soon as the Thanksgiving table is cleared off. They don’t even wait until everyone has pie. If the sun is down those lights go ON. Like clock work. It doesn’t matter if Thanksgiving is early or late. I’m the last to get any decorations up and the last to get them down. I once had a Christmas tree up until March. As for retail – I have to admit that I’m up for buying Christmas decoration anytime I see something I MUST HAVE. I’m an ornament hoarder.

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