Burning Question #61: Abby Normal

The first known use of the word PARANORMAL was in 1905. Don’t ask me for the context. You can look it up later. Or you can just ask a Ghost. By the way Nigel said he won’t answer that and he doesn’t know (he died in 1986 at age 26 so needless to say he wasn’t around in 1905.)

Welcome to Vampire Maman where most things paranormal are normal, including Ghosts, and where we capitalize nouns that denote paranormal folk/creatures/whatever.


October is here, which means our thoughts are on paranormal things, which by the way are extremely popular. In books, movies, and of course on TV paranormal everything is the rage. Everywhere we go we want to know if Ghosts lurk. When the moon is full (or in the 7th house) we think of Werewolves. Can little girls start fires with their thoughts? Can we see into the future without any facts to back it up? Oh wait, that might just be politics. But seriously, all cultures have paranormal stories and traditions.


Don’t believe? Hold that thought and just step back for a moment. Lets assume there is paranormal activity. We’ve all seen it in some form or experienced it. Look how dogs and cats watch stuff that isn’t there. It IS there but you just can’t see it. I can see most of it because I’m a Vampire but you already knew that. But is is normal?


Can we explain the unexplained? Should be expected to?

Is is normal to expect to see Ghosts? Is it normal to find Demons on your bedroom ceiling? Is it normal to run across a Werewolf on a full moon night? Is it normal to determine what car you’ll buy next or what job to take based on a Tarot reading? Is it normal to think of things like headless horsemen or Fairies, or Pixies, or Banshees? Is it normal to wonder if a love spell from a Witch will work. Which brings us to the 61st Burning Question…

Burning Question #61: Is Paranormal Normal?

traditional vampire

Answer the poll. Think about your answers. Leave comments. Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Above all watch out for things that go bump in the night.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. There are unexplainable things on Earth. Many people chose to ignore them… to others they are just ‘normal’. I think, everyone has to decide for themselves what they think is normal, right? I think, what I want to think… I believe, what I want to believe – I just learned to keep my mouth shut about it. Because the normality… you know….

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Normal is a relative term, and of course sometimes you DO need to hold your own opinions least the judgmental people of the world attack and judge. That is unfortunate.

      What time zone are you in? It is 2:46 am here on the West Coast. Not exactly a normal time to be up, of course unless you’re hunting for the paranormal. LOL.

  2. Hmm…

    If a person has seen ghosts and other paranormal creatures all of their life, could they say that is their normal? Would them losing that ability to see the paranormal make them feel abnormal? These are definitely burning questions…and I want to write a story based on these questions. Just because. 🙂

  3. The paranormal is normal after all, because it’s a scientific fact that all paranormal activity can be passed off as ball lightning. And there is nothing more normal than good old everyday ball lightning…

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