Random Survey #4: What will be in your super bowl (or on your paper plate) this Sunday?

It is Saturday and time for a RANDOM SURVEY!!!!!!

Yes YOU get to tell everyone what you’re going to snack on tomorrow. We all know that the Super Bowl is just an excuse to watch super expensive and hopefully entertaining commercials and EAT. That is why they call it a BOWL.

This Sunday the San Francisco 49ers, GO NINERS, will be playing some team named the Chiefs in the Super Bowl Game.


That means FOOD. Yes, FOOD and COMMERCIALS. Everyone get ready to watch the Budweiser Horses and get a little wet eyed. And this year there is FINALLY a team, MY TEAM, that I will actually watch play FOOTBALL.


Anyway, I don’t eat much at these events because I’m a Vampire an a lot of food just makes me sick. But you might be eating some wonderful things. After all the game is just an excuse to eat and drink. It is a celebration of sports, friends, and fun.

Honey, don’t you need a pot holder? You can tell she is some sort of paranormal person, because otherwise her hand would be burning. By the way I’m making an apple pie AND a cheese cake for the party I’m attending.


Answer the survey. You can pick up to ten answers to fill your plate. Woo Hoo. Or leave your favorite food suggestions and recipes in the comments section below.






Go Niners!

Have fun!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




    1. That’s ok. I don’t watch it either LOL. Just on Super Bowl Sunday and only if it is the 49ers. For years we missed all of the parties because our child had skating competitions. That was fine by me. Anyway, have fun no matter what you’re doing on Sunday. It would be a good day to start on your entry for “The Contest of Whatever.”

  1. I don’t know Juliette, I am being so very normal this year. Chips with dips and salsa. Which is a big comedown from last year’s Cubano sammies.

    Goblets of blood and Rocky Mountain Oysters . . now that sounds divine.

    Buena suerte manana!

      1. Yeah, I figure since the party was moved and me and my pal did’t feel like tagging along, we’ll just get pizza, chips and adult beverages.

        Holy Salsa! That is muy cool, Vampire Chica!

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