My 25 year old son laughed. “SCOTUS. It sounds like a body part. Hey, my SCOTUS itches. He had a really swollen SCOTUS. She loved to stroke his SCOTUS.”

“Stop. You’ve been watching too many prescription drug ad,” I said.

“Oh my god Mom.”

“Every small child now knows about erectile disfunction. They also know what a perineum is. I didn’t know it even had a name until about a year ago.”

“That’s the place between your asshole and your junk.”

“Sure, next to your SCOTUS.”

We laughed and moved on to talking about other things like the fact that it is raining in some places in our state, and general small talk about what we’re up to. It is always fun to talk to my adult children, even when it is silly and gross and weird.

Have fun. Talk to your kids. Hug your dog and cat. Stay safe. Where a mask when required. Read a book. Check in on those who are elderly, alone, or need extra help. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. Take a deep breath. And kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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