Amazing Salsa Labels

One does not live on blood alone…not even a modern Vampire. There are a lot of foods we can’t eat, but luckily for us SALSA isn’t one of them. We love salsa at Vampire Maman’s house and our favorite comes from our friend Marla. She has been making salsa for over 20 years. Each batch is different depending on what is in the garden or at the farmer’s market any given week of the summer. She usually puts up 2-6 batches a summer. There are usually 24 jars to a batch, usually 2-3 different flavors – chili lemon, hot, mild chili, cowboy (with black beans and corn).
Along with making the salsa (she doesn’t even need a recipe – it is all in her head) she also makes some fun labels.

In past years she has had funny cats and vintage cowgirls on the labels. Some years the inspiration comes from her collection of vintage pulp science fiction magazines.

I hope this inspires all of you to be creative in your canning labels. I’ll keep you posted on the 2021 designs.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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