Who is out there? And Other Morning News.

Someone from google classroom is spending a lot of time reading my short stories. Is it for a class? Are they copying the stories? Are they enjoying them? Who are these students who come through various educational portals to this web site? There are never any comments. It is like the scientists from SETI getting signals from the far reaches of space and never knowing exactly who or what is out there.

I was listening to Good Day Sacramento this morning. There is always a Dad Joke. Today it was done by Davy with perfect delivery.

What do you call a coupon using Vampire? A sucker for a good deal.

That was really scraping the bottom of the crypt but sort of cute.

Even Vampires appreciate a good Dad Joke.

Speaking of parent, and the subject of parenting…

I started writing this blog when my daughter was in Middle School. Now that I’m an empty nester with just a husband, a couple of cats, and a large German Shepard sharing my home with me I am no longer writing about what built this blog.

Now the discussions with my kids involve graduate school, job hunting, the pandemic, the pandemic, the pandemic, their cats, weird neighbors, the price of housing, laundry, the artistic boyfriend, the price of gasoline, traffic, plants, the pandemic, and other adult things.

Middle School and even High School seem like they were a thousand years ago.

Instead of sharing a house my kids live hundreds of miles away.

As I look back I’m proud of my days of parenting children, and I will say I did a damn good job.

Over the weekend I saw my nephew who is now a father, and told him and his wonderful amazing wife, “Only listen to parenting advice from people with kids you like.”

It is Monday morning. The sun is just starting to come up. I can see squirrels in the oak trees. They are silhouettes, like Indonesian shadow puppets dancing on the branches with twitching tails and toxic cute levels. My old calico cat sits on the table next to my computer, her nose almost touching my left hand. She is purring. Constantly purring.

It is now time for more coffee. I have research to do, and a dog to walk. Mondays are always busy, even without kids in the house.

My life has changed since my house became childless. We have adjusted. We’re involved in different things and many things I haven’t even written about yet.

Anyway, have a great week everyone.

Stay safe. Wear your mask when necessary. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. Take a deep breath before you flip someone off. Turn up the radio. Walk your dog. Call your kids. Hug your cat. Check in on those whoo are elderly, alone, or just might need some extra help. And kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


    1. I guess. Last year the schools all jumped on my Christmas stories. At least somebody is reading this blog, LOL. But seriously, thanks for dropping by. If you get a chance read the post from last Sunday “There Will Always Be Cats.” I think you’ll appreciate it.

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