Ten Years of Vampire Maman: Parenting, Paranormal, Relationships, Tangled Tales, And More Fun Than A Bathtub Full Of Otters.

On April 16, 2012 the first Vampiremaman.com blog post went live.

The first post read: Welcome to the world of the Vampire mom. We hope to offer a safe place for information on parenting the modern vampire child – especially the teen child. With so many vampire books and movies out now that our kids are overloaded with conflicts about their own self-image. The secrets we keep for our survival are often difficult for the vampire kid of the 21st Century. Sure, our kids are the coolest kids around – the only problem is that they can’t let anyone else know about it. And as a parent – what can you do? Follow me and my friends in our quest to do our best to raise successful vampires in a time where “anything goes” when it comes to the public view of vampires.

Over 2,000 blog posts later, and over 200 short stories later I’m still here. I figured it would last a few months, but I’m still here. So are a few of my readers. Thank you. 

In the meantime, I’ve learned a lot about parenting, writing, and life. I’ve learned a lot about myself writing this blog. 

Some people have learned about this blog and been compelled to tell me “I’m just not into Vampires.” I want to respond with a “fuck you too,” but I don’t. Oh how I would love to lecture them on metaphors and analogies and allegories and parenting, and imagination. But I don’t. One thing we all know to teach our children is the message of just moving on

Despite the fact that I’m sweet, and quiet, a bit shy, lovely, and kind, and all of that good stuff, I’m also an asshole, and sometimes don’t move on. Don’t be an asshole. Teach your kids not to be assholes. Please. You heard it from me (I bet not for the first time.) I speak from experience, because yes, I too can be an asshole even though I try not to be.

On a better note, I’ve received many many many notes of encouragement. I’ve also received many messages from readers telling me how I’ve inspired them, helped them with grief, and made them laugh when it seemed like no laughs were left in the world.

Vlad has joined the party with his Vampire Diary. Nigel the Ghost has popped in and out of my posts. My Vampire brother Aaron and his Vampire Hunter friend Austin still bother me about helping them out.

Of course, I had to write about my brothers Max and Andy. They had enough adventures to fill three blogs. My brother Val is a bit more subdued. 

While I was writing about being a parent I had to include the elders. So many of us were taking care of our children, and helping with the elders in our lives. I believe some call it being in the sandwich generation. 

Eleora and Tellias are old. They’re more than just old. They’re ancient. They forget everything except love. My posts about them have touched so many, because so many of us share our lives with those who are forgetful or need extra help. 

Over the years I’ve written about Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, Fairies, Selkies, Warlocks, and even regular non-paranormal folks. As with everyone, you’ll find we’re all more alike than most people imagine.

Other topics covered are relationships, love letters, history, art, books, burning questions, music, random musings, and pets. I’ll write about anything, even myself. 

When I first started this blog I received a lot of weird messages telling me what I was saying was wrong. One even said I blogged too much. Excuse me? To all of my writing and blogging friends: It is YOUR choice what you write about. It is your blog/book/story. It is not for anyone else to say what your point of view or truth is. Don’t lecture me about Vampires or Parenting. Then again, the beautiful thing about having your own blog is that you can remove any mean or assholery based comments. That said, I don’t get icky or mean comments anymore, and to tell you the truth they were rare on this blog.

At the heart of this blog is being a parent. The past 10 years had taken me through Middle School, High School, College, Graduate School, and now having full blown adult children. 

Now that the kids are adults I guess I’m an empty nester. My nest is still full with my husband, two cats, a large dog, and while they don’t live here, the elders, and my brothers. Sometimes I feel like my four older brothers can be quite childish. 

Life is full of transitions. We learn along the way. We all know those people who never learn, but most of us do. We can continue to grow and learn and love even when our children have moved out. Yes, we had lives before we had kids. It won’t be the same life now that they’re grown. I wouldn’t want the same life I had before I was a mom. I’ll always be a mom. 

Thank you to all of my long time blogging friends who’ve stayed with me from the beginning. Bill aka Evil Squirrel, Aurora Jean, Allan, Tim, Beautiful Kind Ra, Kevin and Janiss, Amy, all of my tribe at WPaD, and so many more. And of course, Becky aka Amelia. In my coffee deprived brain I can’t even think. I swear I’d have a list a mile long. And to all of my new followers THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope to get to know all of you better in the future. 

I guess the following says it all:
My main message is for parents to talk not just at or to their kids but WITH their kids. Also, to give your children the safety to be their own little personalities (or big personalities) and to be kids, but also give them the freedom to grow and fly. I am a strong advocate against over protecting children. I’m a mother wolf and yes, I’ll protect to the death, but I don’t want to be responsible for an immature, over sensitive, ignorant adult one of these days. Children, in my opinion, need their parents forever, but they also need to know about the world they’ll live most of their lives in, especially teens. They also need to know the harsh facts about sex, drugs and the company they keep. Our reputations and the choices we make as teens can stay with us our entire lives. Teens need to know this.

I absolutely love teens. They’re funny and wise and silly and so loving in ways that most people don’t even see. Just talk to one, or better yet, try to remember a million years ago in another time, another world, another planet, when you were a teen.

But I’m not going to preach those ideas in every single blog post. Through my tales about my kids, my husband, my brothers and my friends, I try to get across my messages about relationships, love, consequences, and just life. And if I can get someone to think or laugh I feel like I’ve done something. If I can get anyone to laugh I’m happy.

Stay safe everyone. Talk to your kids. Give your dog a treat. Check in on those who are elderly, need extra help, or are alone. And most of all kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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